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10 things to do in Alghero

What to do in the Coral Riviera

Alghero is one of those destinations that everyone likes. You can smell the sea breeze in each one of its streets and find out about its history strolling around the cobbled streets and the ramparts of the historic centre. It has a strong culinary tradition and a long series of beaches and bays. It is therefore important to suggest a list of the things not to be missed in the capital of the Coral Riviera.

Summer is one of the best times to visit Sardinia, but also one of the most crowded ones. If you are looking for an excuse to visit Alghero off season, do not miss the events of the Holy Week.

Here are then 10 things to do in Alghero: beaches, events, feasts, traditions and landscapes not to be missed in the little Barcelona, in the centre of the Mediterranean sea.

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Walk around the historic center leaving the sea behind your back is one of the first things to do in Alghero. Alguer Vella: the historic centre is called this way by its inhabitants: a succession of cobbled small streets and buildings in Catalan-Aragonese style, surrounded by the walls. In the centre are located the cathedral, some museums, ice-cream parlors, boutiques, restaurants, wine bars and many shops that also sell typical products.

What to do in Alghero: Swim at sunset in the Bay of the Nymphs
What to do in Alghero: Reach Punta Giglio

With Capo Caccia, Punta Giglio encloses the bay of Porto Conte, offering a spectacular view. It is characterized by big white cliffs, shaped by the winds and the waves and it has many different paths where to hike or to go by bike, which lead to the cliff.

What to do in Alghero: Via Ferrata del Cabirol

Going up the 700 stairs of the Escala del Cabirol is one of the typical things to do in Alghero, especially if it is the first time you visit it. But if you like climbing, we can suggest not to miss the via ferrata del Cabirol, to live a fascinating mixture of sea and mountain.

What to do in Alghero: Sunset and Aperitivo at the seafront

What to do in Alghero after a long day at the beach or an unforgettable excursion at the Neptune’s Grotto? It is obvious: an aperitivo at Alghero seafront at sunset! It is a perfect moment to relax with a beautiful view and to meet new local friends.

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What to do in Alghero: Visit the Sella & Mosca winery

The culinary tradition of Alghero is, as in the whole Sardinia, strong and well-established. With regard to typical wines, besides a taking part in a tasting of white and red local wines, we suggest you to visit the winery Sella & Mosca, one of the most well-known and appreciated wine producers of the island.

What to do in Alghero: The feast of Bogamarì and the Holy Week

During the events, the Sardinian-Catalan town reveals its traditional and folkloristic side. Among the most important events, that we suggest you to insert in the list of things to do in Alghero, there are the feast of the Bogomarì, that is the feast of the sea urchin organized in March and April, and the rituals of the Holy Week, which for Easter involve a number of Italian and Catalan brotherhoods.

What to do in Alghero: Find the less touristic coves in Alghero

As in every seaside town, there are the most beautiful and well-known beaches and the small bays that only the local people know. Be ready to discover the small, less touristic coves in Alghero, where the long white sand beaches are washed by crystal clear waters and surrounded by untouched vegetation.

What to do in Alghero: Have a look at Marras’ Boutique

Antonio Marras, a worldly renowned fashion stylist, has a boutique in Piazza Civica, in one of the oldest buildings of the city. Go there to admire Marras’ creations and the location, a great mix of art and fashion.

What to do in Alghero: Eat Catalan Lobster!

Fished in the blue sea of the Coral Riviera, between April and August when the fishing ban is not in place, the lobsters of Alghero are known worldwide for the incomparable taste. The most typical recipe is the Catalan Lobster, with few simple ingredients enhancing flavors and perfumes.

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