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What to do in Elba Island, Tuscany: best things to do

Elba Island is the jewel in the crown of Tyrrhenian Sea turquoise waters.

You can choose among many ways of spending your free time: moonlight kayak excursions, 1000 m of ascent hikes, Napoleon’s Houses visits and very unique local festivals.

Discover its natural and folkloristic beauties and turn your holidays into an ultimate life experience!

The below top 7 list will help you pick the best things to do.

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At a distance of 150 m from the shoreline, at a depth from 12 to 2 m, the wrecked Elviscot cargo ship, also known as “Relitto di Pomonte”, lies. Due to a violent storm, the ship sunk in 1972 after having hit Scoglio di Ogliera rock. In the last ages, it has become a popular destination for scuba divers and snorkellers. The remains house hundreds of fishes and this is one of the few wreckage in Italy that you can explore only by mask and flippers. You can easily reach it by pedalo from Pomonte beach, one of the wildest corners of the island.

Elba Island what to do: Get to Monte Capanne peak

Leaving the ancient medieval village of Marciana, you will reach Monte Capanne, the topmost point of both Elba island and the entire province of Livorno. You will reach the peak walking along ancient paths, very well-known among hiking lovers, or by the cable car linking to the village. For more adventuresome hikers, there is also a via ferrata named “Sentiero 00” winding from Calanche peak to Galera peak. From up there, you will enjoy a unique panorama of the Tuscan archipelago and of the Elba island, with its scattering of chestnut forests, Mediterranean shrubs and crazily big expanses of granite stones.

Elba Island what to do: the Seaman day

The 25th of July, Porto Azzurro village celebrates seamen and their life with a festival in honour of its patron Saint James. After the opening of the photo exhibit “Il mare e la sua gente” (the sea and its people), some interpreters in their traditional clothing accompany Saint James statue first by sea, on their traditional rowing boats, and then by land through the streets of the hamlet. At the end of the procession, you will be delighted by catch of the day culinary tastings. Walk through the village streets, enjoy live music shows and browse the stands spread over there!

Elba Island things to do: Go kayaking along Elba coastline

Kayak is probably the funniest and cheapest way to discover the 147 km long coastline of the island, sprinkled with little inlets with crystal clear waters and breath-taking caves. Hiring a kayak will be extremely easy, but if you prefer, you can also ask for the help of expert local guides that will be happy to recommend the best itineraries and the most beautiful beaches while gliding on waters. You will enjoy plenty of experiences in touch with nature, like kayak fishing and moonlight excursions.

Elba Island things to do: Dream of legendary love in Capoliveri

Festa dell’Innamorata has ancient origins, coming from a legendary tale handed down from seamen. It tells the tragic story of Lorenzo and Maria, two young lovers whose feelings were obstructed by their families, so then the couple chose Spiaggia dell’Innamorata (the lover beach) as their secret shelter. In this occasion, 1000 torches are spread along the bay, and, when the bells of Capoliveri’s church start ringing, a procession of 180 interpreters in their historical clothing start moving by sea and by land to reach the beach of the tale. There, a girl from the village, interpreting Maria, throws herself into the sea from a cliff, ending the tragic representation. Then, celebrations start with live music until dawn.

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Elba Island things to do: Discover Napoleon’s places in Portoferraio

From 1814 to 1815 Napoleon was forced to exile on Elba island. He chose Villa S. Martino and Villa dei Mulini in Portoferraio as his new residences. The first one was destined to public life, whereas the second one, known as Villa Bonaparte, was his private residence, since it was out of residential area. Today, Napoleon’s houses are a museum where you can admire relics, furniture of the period and most of the Emperor’s personal library.

Elba Island things to do: Go cycling through Elba

Elba island is a real paradise for cycling lovers. A sheer of comfort dirt roads and more adventurous trails, the former suitable for less expert and the latter for technical cyclists, all that with amazing views on the territory, will reach everybody’s expectations. You will decide whether to explore the backcountry straddling your mountain bike or to follow the coastal roads by bike admiring stunning views over the sea. All over the island it is possible to hire or purchase the equipment you need and to rely on local experts in order to make your adventure on wheels unforgettable!


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