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10 things to do in Gallura

What to do in Gallura, Sardinia: 10 things to do

It is not simple to think about a list of things to do in Gallura. In summertime, this small region, despite its size, contains a handful of events and activities just waiting to be discovered.

But, since it is plenty of interesting things, where can we start from?

This selection of the top 10 things to do in Gallura aims to be a slight help to decide among the enormous amount of activities which this amazing territory offers. Hope it helps to make your holidays special and unforgettable!

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Now on its ninth edition, the Sardinia Reggae Festival is a point of reference for the international reggae movement and a date to save for upbeat music lovers. This year the event will be held in the little village of Berchidda. This jewel in the crown of Gallura region is widely-known for being the natal home of the big trumpeter Paolo Fresu. It will take place from the 7th to the 10th of July with an impressive line-up that is going to be the envy of the largest festivals in the world. The event will host high calibre artists like Lee Scratch Perry, Dub Inc, U Brown and many others.

Be a bottlenose dolphin researcher in Gallura, Sardinia

Would you like to be a researcher for one day? Now you can, thanks to a team of naturalists and biologists, you will participate in an actual bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) tracking. This dolphin lives in La Maddalena Archipelago and Bocche di Bonifacio National Park waters, that you will sail on a motor-boat equipped with cetacean tracking instruments. You will observe free dolphins and you will have the possibility to gently enter their home, to understand their behaviours and to discover the threats they suffer from.

What to do in Gallura, Sardinia: Chorus of Aggius singing "a tasgia"

Listening to its traditional songs will give you a clue to submerge yourself in Aggius folklore. The Italian eclectic poet Gabriele D’annunzio listened to those melodies and he defined it “as ancient as the dawn”. The singing technique "a tasgia" is characterised by contrapuntal singing, which is typical from Aggius and northern Gallura, of five singers: bassu, contra, tenori, trippi and falsittu, which are bass, baritone, countertenor, and tenor.

What to do in Gallura, Sardinia: Climb Roccia dell'Orso up

Roccia dell’Orso, “bear cliff” in English, stands over in all its majesty on Palau village and on the entire La Maddalena Archipelago. This natural sculpture 122 m high, with its head-shaped peak overlooking the sea, is the beloved destination for thousands of tourists every year. Visitors use to climb up the promontory in order to appreciate the wonderful view of the archipelago below.

Go hiking Limbara mountain: things to do in Gallura, Sardinia

Limbara mountain peaks are the highest of Gallura. They offer many stunning views through its bushes of Mediterranean shrub and its rocks wisely craved by the wind, that inspired many legends. Taking Vallicciola as starting point, walking through easy paths suitable for less expert hikers, you will submerge yourself in these magical sceneries, deeply breathing the perfumes of these places, and you will admire a sheer of botanical and animal species.

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What to do in Gallura: Plunge yourself in the waterfalls

The territory of Berchidda is an alternative destination for those tourists who look for places that are more intimate and prefer to avoid the hustle and bustle of busy beaches. If you walk up the canyon craved by Rio Pisciaroni stream between Berchidda, Monti and Oschiri, you start a walk through countryside paths, overlooked by big granite rocks. At the end of your hike, if you are visiting it in summer, you can also bathe into the beautiful little lake that two waterfalls of the stream create.

Go and see the Italian hero Garibaldi's house: what to do in Gallura, Sardinia

In Caprera, the second biggest island of La Maddalena archipelago, you can visit the places where Giuseppe Garibaldi lived in the last 26 years of his life. The “Hero of Two Worlds" moved to this little corner of paradise with his family in 1856, in order to dedicate his life to agriculture and pastoralism. His house, which has been inhabited until 1959 by his daughter Clelia, became a museum in 1978. Inside Casa Bianca building visitors can see the hero's relics of the historical period. Whereas, once outside it is possible to visit the other buildings that formed part of the farm together with the hero’s tomb and to admire his magnificent white marble bust, sculpted by Luigi Bistolfi.

Things to do in Gallura: Tavolara film festival

Una notte in Italia, that means “one night in Italy”, Tavolara Festival was born in 1991, thanks to the idea of three friends. The festival is now in its 24th edition and it has become an institution for Italian cinephiles. As usual, the event will take place from the 11th to the 17th of July. During this week many feature films are displayed in one of the world’s most evocative settings. The Italian famous cinema critic Piera Detassis said “One starry night on a desert island, the screen beaten by the sea and people” as to describe the atmosphere that the scenery creates.

Try the best "suppa cuata": things to do in Gallura

Zuppa gallurese or suppa cuata is a typical dish of Gallura. It is composed by many layers of stale bread poured with meat stock alternated with a typical cow’s cheese named Panedda and sometimes it is seasoned with mint, pepper and cinnamon. From one village to another the recipe changes and everyone is proud of his own. This is the prince of Gallura’s dishes and it brings together people of all social classes. The version of the village of Telti is very well-known and you can try it at Li Sciapeddi farm restaurant.

Gallura, Sardinia things to do: Time in Jazz Festival

There is no need to introduce the festival that has become an institution for the international jazz movement. In fact, in the past years, the world’s biggest musicians trod those stages, playing music from dawn until late at night. As usual, Berchidda village hosts the 29th edition of the festival from the 8th to the 16th of August, under the artistic supervision of Paolo Fresu, trumpeter and saxhorn player.

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