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10 things to do in Pisa

10 things not to miss to live Pisa as a true local

Being a university town, there a lot and varied things to do in Pisa, ideal for anyone who wants to not only visit, but also to live the city in all its facets. Pisa offers many activities which involved the discovery of its historical center and its culinary tradition, its surroundings and the not-to-be-missed events.

So, if you're wondering what to do in Pisa from morning to night, find your inspiration in these 10 activities suggested by locals!

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Riding a Vespa 80s, Pisa and its coastline are even solar and fun. In a short time and without parking problems, you can enjoy a unique tour of the city.

What to do in Pisa: Walking through the Lungarno River without a destination
What to do in Pisa: Finding out that the Pisa Tower is not the only Leaning Tower of the city
What to do in Pisa: Apericena and walk in the moonlight

A rich and tasty aperitivo in the city center with a glass of local wine and while chatting with friends. Finally, the best way to close your evening is enjoy a quiet night walk and find that Pisa is even more beautiful at the moonlight.

What to do in Pisa: Off-the-beaten-track day

Pisa is not only towers and Lungarno and the true Locals know it well! Spend a day in the nearby village of Calci located in the slopes of the Pisan mountains, enjoy the beauty of nature and visit the Pisa Charterhouse, also known as Calci Charterhouse.

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What to do in Pisa: Between the students at the Millibar’s and a little bit of rock at the Borderline’s
What to do in Pisa: The most local and authentic area of Pisa: Borgo Stretto

It is the most well-known and typical district of Pisa nicknamed the “living room” of the city and the favourite one of both locals and tourists. It is characterized by arcades, little square, historical bars and cafe. 

What to do in Pisa: Sea and liberty style in Marina di Pisa

The Marina is the symbol of Pisan summers but it offers a peaceful stay all year around. Once there go for a tour of its liberty historical and elegant villas built at the beginning of XX century.

What to do in Pisa: Pisa between street and flea markets

‘Pisa a braccia aperte’ is only one of the oldest market in Pisa, dedicated to antiques and modern art. The not-to-be-missed markets are also the Vettovaglie, San Martino and Paparelli markets.

What to do in Pisa: Taking part in the festivities for San Ranieri

The most important parts of the patron saint's feast day are the Regatta and the Luminara which takes place on June 15, 16. Bonfires, candles, fireworks characterized a traditional and moving event… a perfect excuse to visit Pisa!

10 things to see in Pisa

  • The Miracles Square

  • The Lungarni of Pisa

  • The walls of Pisa

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