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10 things to do in Sardinia

What to do in Sardinia: 10 things to do

Due to its white sand beaches, crystal clear sea, breathtaking nature, vast cultural repertoire, climate and traditions, Sardinia is one of the most beautiful and visited islands of the Mediterranean.

As usually underline by locals, there 3 main things to do in the Island are about enjoying the white beaches of Sardinia, tasting its amazing cuisine, discovering all the less famous places!

This is why we invite you to enjoy this list of things to do in Sardinia which includes both the usual activities and those experiences suggested by locals and not inserted in the usual tourist guide.

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You cannot leave the Island without a visit to one of its several nuraghi! Nuraghi are beehive-like stone dwellings from the bronze age and can only be found on Sardinia.
The most well-known nuraghe is Nuraxi su Barumini, which has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

What to do in Sardinia: Seadas: learn its secret before tasting!

An informal cooking lesson to learn how to make the seadas, a typical Sardinia dessert: crisp, deep-fried pastry filled with lemony, oozing cheese and soaked in warm honey. Preparing them before tasting this surprising dessert is the best way to enjoy a unique dessert experience in Sardinia!

What to do in Sardinia: Tempio Pausania, a walk back in time

At the foot of Limbara Mount, Tempio features granite palaces, the typical narrow streets of the old town and a stunning stone church built in the '600 during the Spanish domination. Tempio is one of the symbols of Gallura area, an unmissable step to discover more about the traditions and culture of North Sardinia. Experience its unique and wild landscapes and look for bizarre granite sculptures, carved by the mistral wind over the millennia!

What to do in Sardinia: Take part in Saint Efisio Festival

If you plan to visit Sardinia during the May 1 holiday (International Workers' Day), you cannot miss the feast of Saint Efisio (this year takes place its 360th edition). It consists of a four-day religious parade: the statue of Sant'Efisio is carried from a church in Stampace area to the church in Nora. About 5,000 people dressed in traditional Sardinian clothing follow the statue along the streets of Cagliari in decorated carts pulled by oxen (called is traccas).

What to do in Sardinia: Greetings to Peppino from Capo Carbonara

The beauty of the Marine Protected Area of Capo Carbonara is able to take your breath away. This stretch of sea is characterized by a rich underwater wildlife, a paradise for diving and snorkelling lovers. It is also worth visiting the Peppino’s rock, a little beach characterized by a rock of about 30 m that you can reach on foot thanks to a crystal, shallow and flat sea bottom.

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What to do in Sardinia: Enjoy a wine tour

The culinary tradition of Sardinia is strong and well-established. With regard to typical wines, besides a taking part in a tasting of white and red regional wines, we suggest you to visit the winery Sella & Mosca, one of the most well-known and appreciated wine producers of the island.

Find the less touristic coves: Sardinia things to do

As in every seaside town, there are the most beautiful and well-known beaches and the small bays that only the local people know. So, contact a Local Friend and be ready to discover the small, less touristic Sardinian coves and bays where the long white sand beaches are washed by crystal clear waters and surrounded by untouched vegetation.

What to do in Sardinia: Eat like a local

As you will noticed after just a few days, the food and wine culture of Sardinia is varied and one of the first things shared with those visiting the city. Eating, in Sardinia, means family, tradition and plates of typical cuisine, much like in the rest of central and southern Italy, a reason to pass time with your dear ones, to laugh and tell the last news, sometimes even an occasion to discuss and argue in pure Italian style.

Things to do in Sardinia: visit Sardinian mines

The long mining history of Sardinia started probably around the 6th millennium BC, which means that mining has played an important role in the island’s history. The small village of Ingurtosu, together with the nearby Montevecchio was one of the most important mining areas of Sardinia but only until the mid of the last century…

What to do in Sardinia: Unusual museums in Sardinia

Sardinia beaches are amazing but don’t exhaust the fascination of an Island that holds a strong cultural heritage that you can discover by visiting some of its museums. We highly recommend you:  the biggest ethnographic museum and the museum of banditry in Aggius; Nivola Museum in Orani; the MAN e Deledda Museums in Nuoro and the “Stazione dell'Arte" Museum of Contemporary Art - in Ulassai dedicated to the biggest contemporary artists in Sardinia and in Italy: Maria Lai, queen of today’s design.

10 things to see in Sardinia

  • The archipelago of La Maddalena

  • Orgosolo, the town of murals

  • The Ogliastra coast and S. M. Navarrese

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