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10 things to do in Siena

10 things not to miss to live Siena as a true local

The city of the Palio is a continuous discover for its visitors, who wish to see the contest between contrade, to taste the wines and typical dishes and to visit every single historical place in the city.

Besides the most famous itineraries (which are anyway interesting and worth seeing), there is a list of things to do in Siena that we would like to suggest and that will add a more authentic taste to your visit, showing you the passion behind traditions and what means to live like a “Local”.

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In the historical centre of the city stand the majority of the monuments not to be missed in Siena. With the eyes filled by the beauty of Piazza nel Campo, walk through the small streets and the less known areas of Siena. It is really worth it!

What to do in Siena: Living the Palio in Contrada

If watching the Palio is one of the things to do once in a lifetime, living it in a Contrada is an opportunity only given to few. By getting in touch with the people in the contrada, you will be able to get to know some curious anecdotes on one of the most famous traditions in the world, you will take part in the preparation of the event and you will be able to have dinner with the people of the contrada.

What to do in Siena: Not only monuments: the Sienese countryside

Do you know the twelve most painted and photographed hills? Here is where they are…. In the Sienese countryside. It is an indefinite area between Firenze and Siena, which blends with the beautiful Crete Senesi, in the Asciano Area or in the Val d’Orcia.

What to do in Siena: Have lunch with traditional products

If you enjoy eating and drinking well, one of the things to do in Siena is a typical lunch, a break dedicated to the discovery of the tastes and perfumes of the city. The most traditional recipes come from the peasant world and include dishes rangingfrom soups, trippa and Chianina beef to sweets.

What to do in Siena: Move around by bike

If you have visited on foot the historical centre of the city, the suburbs and the rivers can be reached by bike. 3 hours will be enough with a local friend, to live an experience in the open air and take wonderful pictures!

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What to do in Siena: Take a class to become a Standard bearer or a drummer

The wish to become a flag bearer or a drummer starts when they are still very young and each contrada organizes, during the year, its own classes. Seeing the youngest ones busy with their first waving of flags can be a lot of fun and contagious!

What to do in Siena: Up and Down San Quirico d'Orcia

Among the most characteristic villages around Siena, San Quirico d’Orcia deserves a place of honor being one of the oldest ones, at about 424 meters above the sea level. Going up and down the streets, among vineyards, olive groves and oak woods is absolutely one of the things to do in Siena.

What to do in Siena: Take pictures of the Crete senesi

Wavy hills, isolated farms and country houses, oaks and cypresses... Doesn’t it seem like a perfect photo composition? Whether you are or not a good photographer, we suggest you to take pictures in this corner of Tuscany. Every real Sienese has its own album to show friends. 

What to do in Siena: Discover the secrets of the Brunello di Montalcino

It is told that, with the Barolo, the Brunello di Montalcino is one of the most long-lasting Italian red wines. A tour of the wineries of Montalcino is among the things to do in Siena, not only for the value of the wine, but also for the pristine landscape, kilometers away from the traffic.

What to do in Siena: One evening downtown like a true Local

The first thing to do in Siena in the evening, is a self-made aperitivo. Make sure you get two glasses and a bottle of good Chianti. Reach Piazza del Campo and have a sit to sip some wine, admire the architectural beauties and observe those who, like you, are spending some good time with their friends.

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  • Siena’s Cathedral

  • Medici Fortress

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