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What to do in Tuscany: 10 things to do

Tuscany offers to visitors whatever they want: wine and food tours, romantic breaks, seaside holidays, art, culture and nature. Nobody will be disappointed!

In our brief guide about things to do in Tuscany we decided to include a bit of everything that makes this region unique, like the emotion you feel of being in the birthplace of Renaissance and the astonishment of looking at stunning landscapes, the traditions and the most important regional events which are integral part of its charm.

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One of the most interesting aspects of travelling is to try typical food, to discover their origin and their secrets. Tuscany is one of the ultimate Italian wine and food destination. Anyway, you have to know where to go in order to avoid the classical tourist menus, that have quite nothing of the traditional homemade cooking. The veritable pappa al pomodoro, for example, is the one made by a real florentine!

What to do in Tuscany:  Live Siena’s Palio like an insider

Everybody can see the famous Palio di Siena, but to live it with contrada’s insiders gives to this centuries-old tradition an even more authentic and magical taste. It’s easy to join this this fair in a superficial way, but if you decide to live the contrada rituals together with a Siena’s insider, you will discover its real story, understand the hidden meaning and get into what is absolutely much more than a horse race.

What to do in Tuscany: Come in and browse the alabaster craft workshops

The ancient art of alabaster carving is still alive in Volterra, thanks to craftsmen working this stone, which fascinated even Etruscans. Browse their workshops and discover a wide variety of objects. But, above all, let yourself be enthralled by people who made of  their job a real lifestyle, featured by intolerance towards institutions, conformism and injustice.

What to do in Tuscany: Discover Pisa by Vespa

Besides being famous for the leaning tower and its Lungarnos, Pisa is one of the most renowned Italian university town. It is interesting to visit it by walking, but to discover its narrow streets straddling an 80’s Vespa… is even better! In few time and with no parking problems, you will enjoy an original tour of the town that will then lead you off Pisa to Marina di Pisa seaside and its Liberty mansions.

What to do in Tuscany: An alternative tour in Florence

Behind its artistic and historical beauties, Florence hides an even more charming world made of tales, legends and stories. Come and visit the town’s mystery places joining a local friend in a captivating tour winding through monuments, buildings, gravestones and effigies. Live and see Florence by a curious, funny perspective!

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What to do in Tuscany: Go cycling on Lucca’s walls

Lucca’s walls, which are the symbol of the town, are the second major example of walls built following the modern fortification principles that preserved intact. Straddling your bicycle, you will not lose any centimetre of its 4.223 km and you will have a pleasant rest on its 12 curtain walls and 11 ramparts.

What to do in Tuscany: Have a resting day in Marina di Pisa

Marina di Pisa was born in the second half of the 19th century as seaside resort. It is one of those all year round charming places, exploding in vivacity and colours during the hot season. A plunge into the sea is obligatory in your trip to this hamlet, together with a walk among its Liberty mansions. And, why do not end your relaxing tour sipping a cocktail in a crazily beautiful landscape, with chill out background music cradling you?

What to do in Tuscany: Let Livorno surprise you

Livorno is that kind of city often considered way station, due to the presence of a seaport that receives a large number of visitors ready to start their trip to Tuscany or wherever in Italy. Unfortunately, people do not to give the right attention to the beauties of this surprising city and its many interesting sites are often taken for granted. What we recommend is to do not miss this amazing city that, like many other places in Tuscany, deserves to be discovered.

What to do in Tuscany: Get plenty of romantic feelings

Tuscany is the ultimate destination for romantic breaks. The land of art, divine cooking, excellent wines, castles and stunning views will fire your heart. Spread around the big crowded towns, there is a wide number of small hamlets, rounded by expanses of vines, olive trees and cypresses. The atmosphere of these places seems to be extremely far away from the modern hustle. You will only hear birds twittering, leaves rustling and some little stream thundering.

What to do in Tuscany: Be a child again in Collodi

Who did not ever read Pinocchio story as a child? Nobody, I guess. Anyway, not everybody knows that there is a little Tuscan hamlet inspired to the character of this classic tale for children. Collodi, also named Pinocchio’s Village, is near Pescia, halfway between Lucca and Pistoia. All the streets of the hamlet, its small traditional houses and its street stands dedicated to the famous wooden marionette are shrouded in a fairy atmosphere.

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