10 things to do in:


10 things to do in Venice

The main activities to experience La Serenissima

Besides suggesting you to get lost around the calli and bridges of this spectacular floating city, among the things to do in Venice you cannot miss: an apertivo at Harry’s Bar, a short stop at the first Casino in the world, a tour of the best Bacari of the Lagoon accompanied by a local friend. A stay in the Lagoon couldn’t be the perfect one without the right mix of art, cuisine, views, sunsets and romanticism.

But we are still missing something to make our list of top things to do in Venice complete: its 3 main events that you should attend at least once in a lifetime.

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A Bacaro is a simple, welcoming Osteria /Wine bar where you can eat the typical Cicheti (a sort of Italian tapas) and order a glass of wine or the ubiquitous Spritz. There are normally few sitting places, they are open in the morning and in the evening and you will find both locals and tourists.

Things to do in Venice: Feel the emotion of gambling in the oldest Casino in the world

Established in 1638, the Casinò di Venezia, was the first one in the world, the first authorized gambling house and at present is one of the most sophisticated and fancy. You can choose one of the two venues (Ca' Vendramin Calergi or Ca' Noghera) and feel the emotion to gamble there!

Things to do in Venice: A romantic tour in Gondola

Flat-bottomed, Venetian Gondolas are unique. Created as a way to navigate the narrow canals of the lagoon, they are nowadays one of the main symbols of the city. A romantic tour in a gondola through the Canal is one of the most typical things to do in Venice. So what are you waiting for?

Things to do in Venice: Shop at the Rialto Market

Among the things to do in Venice, the city of trade par excellence, a visit to the Rialto Market – the oldest in town – had to be present. Heart of the local food and wine traditions, the market is located between Campo de la Pescaria and Campo San Giacometo.

Things to do in Venice: A sunset in the San Servolo Island, island of the mads

You will only need to take a boat to reach San Servolo in a few minutes. The island once hosted the psychiatric hospital of Venice. Called 'Mads Island' by Venetian people, you will be welcomed by a lot of green, churches and interesting museums, but, above all, by wonderful sunsets with view over Venice.

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Things to do in Venice: Carnival, the Film Festival and the Biennale

Venice would not be the same without its most famous Carnival, without the celebrities and the atmosphere of the Film Festival, without the creativity and eclectic ideas shown at the Biennale. This is why, among the things to do in Venice, we suggest you to attend one of its main events, which make the city more crowded and expensive, but are also worth living.

Things to do in Venice: Bellini at Harry’s Bar

Why is an aperitivo at Harry’s bar a must do in Venice? First of all, it is right in this historical bar, during an exposition dedicated to Bellini, that the famous long drink was first created. Here you can still ask for a Bellini made with the original recipe by Arrigo Cipriani. Secondly, it was Hemingway’s favorite bar and the place where he finished writing “Across the river and into the trees” .

Things to do in Venice: Visit Peggy Guggenheim’s palace and former home

In Venice there is not only a rich collection of ancient Venetian art. Thanks to Peggy Guggenheim, who lived in the lagoon until the end of the 70s you will be able to admire some paintings by Dali, Kandinsky, Chagall, Picasso, Duchamp, Ernst and other celebrated painters.

Things to do in Venice: Have lunch in Castelletto, in the district of the “Carampane”

Venetian cuisine is diverse and delicious, so if you want to avoid the “Touristic Menu” you should try the Trattoria Antiche Carampane, considered one of the best in town. It is located close to the Rialto Market. You will be sure to be in the right place, when you will see this sign at the entrance “No Pizza, No Lasagne, No Touristic Menu”

Things to do in Venice: Shop at Le Mercerie

There is an area in Venice between Ponte di Rialto and Saint Mark’s square called “Le Mercerie”. As suggested by its name - in Italian a Merceria is a dry goods store – it is one of the main shopping areas of the city, where you will be able to find almost anything: jewels, typical products and all kinds of souvenirs.

10 things to see in Venice

  • St Mark Square, the Basilica and the Bell Tower

  • Rialto Bridge

  • The Giudecca and the Redeemer

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