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10 things to see in Alghero

What to see in the Coral Riviera

Alghero, old Catalan burg facing the sea, is one of the main touristic places in Sardinia. It is located in the Northwestern part of Sardinia among the karstic systems of Capo Caccia, Punta Giglio and Monte Doglia and the plateau of Villanova Monteleone and Bosa.

Due to its historic links to Catalonia, it is often called “the Sardinian Barceloneta”. If you are asking yourself “What should I see in Alghero?”, be ready to discover its Catalan soul, present in its architecture, language and cuisine.

Capital of the Coral Riviera, it offers a large number of typical attractions that you will be able to discover in this list of the best places to visit in Alghero.

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The walls surrounding the city, the defensive towers and the ramparts of Alghero are the main historic heritage of the Aragonese and Spanish times.
You can meet them by chance as you walk towards the Alguer Vella (Old Alghero), the historic center of the city, but the real starting point for a tour of the towers, is the Tower of Porta Terra, which hosts as well an interesting multimedia museum.

Things to see in Alghero: The best beaches

The beaches are, undoubtedly, the most pleasant places to visit in Alghero!
The Alghero coastline extends for about 80 km from Capo Marrangiu to Porto Ferro, but the Alghero beaches not to be missed are the following: Le Bombarde, il Lazzaretto, Mugoni and La Speranza.

Things to see in Alghero: The Cathedral of Saint Mary

Located in the historic center of Alghero, the Cathedral of Saint Mary was built in the 16th Century.
After an extensive restoration, it is possible to admire its wonderful decorations in International Gothic style and, during the summer, its tall tower bell, which stands out in the Alghero skyline.

Things to see in Alghero: Neptune’s grotto

The Neptune’s grotto is not only one of the places to visit in Alghero, but also one of those natural spectacles not to be missed in Sardinia.
You can easily reach it by sea and, with a bit of determination, you can walk down the 660 steps of the Escala del Cabirol.

Things to see in Alghero: The Anghelu Ruju Necropolis

38 Domus de Janas scattered in a wonderful and untouched landscape is what you will find at the Anghelu Ruju Necropolis, the biggest one of Pre-Nuragic Sardinia.

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Things to see in Alghero: Porto Conte Park

A great variety of landscapes and a place of great natural interest all in one park!
The entrance to the Porto Conte Park (located outside the city, towards Fertilia) is free so be ready to walk among strawberry trees, helycrisum and brooms and to meet Sardinian hares, wild rabbits and weasels.

Things to see in Alghero: The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art is in the historic centre of Alghero, close to the Cathedral of Saint Mary.
Here you will be able to admire a big liturgical treasure through a guided tour composed by different sections.

Things to see in Alghero: Baratz Lake

Being the only natural lake in Sardinia, the Baratz Lake needs to be included in the list of top places to visit in Alghero.
The Baratz lake has a perimeter of only 12 km, but is characterized by an evocative landscape, surrounded by sand dunes and rich vegetation.

Things to see in Alghero: The Coral Museum

If you visit Alghero, the capital of the Coral Riviera, you cannot miss a visit to the museum dedicated to the red gold. In the waters of Alghero there has been for centuries a great amount of coral of the finest quality.
At the museum you will be able to find out a lot of interesting information on this precious material, on the coral fishing and processing techniques and to find out more about the economic relevance of coral in the history of Alghero.

Things to see in Alghero: The Nuragic Palmavera Village

The Nuragic Palmavera Village is a site of great archeological interest.
It is located at the foot of the hill with the same name and hosts the ruins of a Nuragic village made of different towers linked to one another.

10 things to do in Alghero

  • Stroll around Alguer Vella

  • Swim at sunset in the Bay of the Nymphs

  • Reach Punta Giglio

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