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What to see in Elba Island: best places to visit

Thanks to the sheer of landscapes and to the number of cultures that featured its characteristics in thousands years, Elba Island surely is one of the most beautiful and interesting destinations in the Mediterranean area.

Its 147 m long coastline houses more than 100 beaches, high jagged mountains and ancient fortresses, reaching all tourists’ expectations.

Here you have a list of the top 7 most beautiful things to see in the island.

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Fortezza del Volterraio, the most ancient fortification of the island, is perched over a peak of Cima del Monte at a height of 400 m. These impregnable walls, standing over the eastern side of Elba island, are one of the few that resisted to pirates' attacks in the centuries. In the case of imminent threat, it was possible to communicate to Portoferraio with a system of fire signals and, by Palmaiola island, to alert Piombino and Pisa. Today, the fortress is a must-see place for those who want to admire ancient beauties and enjoy a view like no other in the world.

What to see in Elba Island: Fetovaia white sandy beach

Fetovaia is probably the most known and popular beach of the island. This white sandy granite shore, with extremely clear waters, is surrounded by a promontory that shelters it. Thanks to its shallow waters, it is a perfect and safe destination for families with children. This shore, equipped with a parking area, is located in the south-west side of the island and it is really easy to reach.

What to see in Elba Island: The emerald lake of Terra Nera

Terra Nera is a small lake of mining origins. Its emerald waters are separated from the sea by a very thin stretch of beach of the same name. Besides its interesting geology, this is one of the most impressive places of the island and it is a popular destination for snorkelling lovers, who always get fascinated by the black sea bottom, whose colour is due to the wide presence of haematite and pyrite. After having reach Reale beach by car, you can walk up the path that passes by the abandoned mine to the lake.

What to see in Elba Island: Biodola Beach

Biodola is said to be one of the most beautiful beaches on Elba. This clear sandy beach 600 m long with shallow waters is very popular among people who love strolling along the shoreline. A thick Mediterranean brush encloses it, reaching the foreshore in some spots, and few rocks separate this shore from Scaglieri beach. Many equipped bathing areas give you the possibility of practicing surf, waterskiing and scuba diving. The beach is halfway between Crocchio and Portoferraio and it is easily reachable by car and by bus.

What to see in Elba Island: Birdwatching at Campo Rapaci

Every year, Tuscan archipelago turns into Mediterranean resting destination for thousands of birds of prey, which migrate to Africa after mating. In September, the Tuscan Ornithology Centre usually organises Campo Rapaci, a birdwatching experience at Monte Serra peak in the territory of Rio nell'Elba, where people can observe these fascinating animals. Grab your binoculars and don't miss the opportunity to watch at ospreys, perns, parrowhawks and many other species.

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What to see in Elba Island: Procchio quartz beach

The shore of Procchio, which extends for more than one km, is the longest of the island's beaches. Besides its length and wideness, it is very popular thanks to its quartz sand with golden sparkles and its turquoise shallow waters usually brushed by a gentle wind. You can reach it with a pleasant walk from the village of the same name or by bus.

What to see in Elba Island: Cala dei Frati relaxing inlet

You will reach this white pebbles amazing inlet, about 100 m long and from 2 to 5 m wide, only by sea. A promontory stands over the cove, sheltering it from strong winds, but reducing the time when you can enjoy sunlight. Thanks to its inaccessibility, the reduced dimensions and the wild aspect, this is a less crowded destination also in high season and it is very popular among people who look for relaxing time and silence. Since the inlet is very close to Portoferraio, less expert swimmers can hire a pedalo to reach it from the nearby Spiaggia delle Ghiaie.


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