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10 things to see in Ferrara

What to see in the city of bicycles

Ferrara, wonderful city in the low valley of Emilia, is commonly known as city of bicycles. The city center fascinates its visitors with an old times beauty: paved roads lined by medieval buildings, protected by the walls that surround the old town for about 9 km. By bike you can reach the most interesting places to visit in Ferrara: castles, luxurious palaces built by the Este family, the Duomo of San Giorgio, Piazza delle Erbe, Via delle Volte… only to cite a few of the main attractions to reach by bicycles. You will spend a few days in this beautiful city of Emilia Romagna. You will fall in love with its history, its cuisine, its traditions and, obviously, with its slow lifestyle.

The places to visit in Ferrara that you will find hereafter are only a small selection of the things to see in the city of bicycles.

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One of the first things to see in Ferrara is the Estense Castle, one of the symbols of the city that with its red bricks dominates the historic center. One of the last European castles still surrounded by a moat filled with water opening the way to the garden, the apartments, the prisons, the chapel of this historic residence.

What to see in Ferrara: San Giorgio Cathedral

Located in the heart of Ferrara, the Duomo of Saint George is one of the most important religious buildings of the city. It will catch your attention for its white marble façade, the big door which shows Saint George killing the dragon, and the Last Judgment in the loggia. Entirely remade in Baroque style after a fire, the interiors of the Duomo of Ferrara are made of precious marbles and house bronze statues, frescos and a wonderful pipe organ dating back to 1967. Close to the Duome, do not miss the Museum of the Cathedral.

What to see in Ferrara: Via delle Volte

Via delle Volte is one of the most typical and beautiful streets in Italy. Two kilometers of medieval charm deserve a place among the places to visit in Ferrara. Arches and passageways, a magic atmosphere and colored views along a street where, before being deviated, flowed the Po river.

What to see in Ferrara: Quadrivio degli Angeli

The crossroads between Corso Ercole I d'Este, Corso Porta Mare and Corso Biagio Rossetti is called Quadrivio degli Angeli. In the four corners of the Quadrivio there are Palazzo Prosperi Sacrati, Palazzo, Bevilacqua – Rossetti – Pallavicini, Palazzo Turchi di Bagno and Palazzo dei Diamanti, which are more valuable from an urban and architectural point of view if they are admired as a whole. The Quadrivio degli Angeli has played an important role to include Ferrara among the World Heritage Sites.

What to see in Ferrara: The old Piazza delle Erbe

All the streets in Ferrara seem to lead inevitably to Piazza Trento e Trieste, the heart of the historic centre where the Duomo of Saint George, the unfinished Tower Bell ascribed to Leon Battista Alberto, the Loggia dei Merciai and the Palazzo della Ragione stand. It has hosted for two centuries the street market of the city and it is often called with its old name “Piazza delle Erbe” (the Herbs Square). It is a crossing point for locals, a meeting point for university students and definitely one of the places not to be missed for tourists.

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What to see in Ferrara: Ariostea Civic Library and Ariosto’s house

Ludovico Ariosto, the famous poet of the Orlando Furioso, is one of the most important people in the history of Ferrara. His body as well as 650 different editions of its works are guarded at the Palazzo Paradiso, which hosts the Ariostea Civic Library. It is possible to visit as well the house of Ariosto, where the poet lived during his last years and where he finished its most important work.

What to see in Ferrara: The Jewish Cemetery and the Certosa Cemetery

Simple, with an unusual charm, the Jewish cemetery guards old tombs of the 1800s and also gravestones of an important artistic value such as the one made by the sculptor Arnaldo Pomodoro for Giorgio Bassani, a writer who died in 2000. Very different from the simplicity of the Jewish Cemetery, is the Monumental Cemetery of Certosa, which hosts the Church of Saint Christopher, has long arcades of marble and cotto tiles, and carefully looked after green areas.

What to see in Ferrara: The Museum of the Risorgimento and of the Resistance

Among the places to visit in Ferrara we decided to include the Museum of the Risorgimento and of the Resistance because you will have the opportunity to get to know better two important challenges that shaped the history of the city. The Museum is made by the section dedicated to the Risorgimento with the testimonies of the participation of the patriots of Ferrara to the Italian Risorgimento and by the section of the Resistance (added in the 1950s) which collects material related to the Resistance during World War II.

What to see in Ferrara: Palazzo Schifanoia and the Salone dei Mesi

As can be inferred from its name (Schifanoia = “Schivar la noia”/ Avoid boredom), this Palace was built in 1385 following Alberto V D’Este will as a building to dedicate to “amusement” and “delight”. It was enlarged in 1465 with a very big room (24x11 meters and 7,5 meters tall) entirely frescoed.

What to see in Ferrara: The walls

Ferrara’s historic center is surrounded by 9 kilometers of defensive walls built between 1400s and 1500s. It is one of the most imposing defense systems of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. It offers at present equipped paths and cycle lanes.

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