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10 things to see in Gallura

What to see in Gallura: best places to visit

Gallura is a historical region that lies in north-east Sardinia. Looking at the island map, you might underestimate it. Actually, it encloses a huge number of attractions, traditions, typical dishes, charming beaches, mountains and valleys.

Surely, summer is the best season to visit it, since you will enjoy its full potential. You will discover a sheer variety of places that satisfies all kind of travellers: the more introspective ones, who are looking for quiet and unique spots, and the party-goers, who are constantly looking for the trendiest beaches and nightlife.

Here you have a list of top 10 places of Gallura we think it is worth to visit.

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Tavolara is an island located in north- east Sardinia, in the Marine Protected Area of Tavolara - Punta Coda Cavallo. You can easily reach it from Porto San Paolo harbour. The island is a huge limestone massif 550 m high, with cliff faces overlooking the sea. On the west side of the island, you will find a long sandy strip of land, Spalmatore di Terra, which houses few dwellings and two typical restaurants. Its troubled story, made of pirates, kings and conquests, together with its rare beauty make the island one of the most stunning and evocative attractions of Sardinia.

Capo Testa: what to see in Gallura, Sardinia

In the northernmost Sardinia, a few kilometres away from Santa Teresa di Gallura, Capo Testa lies. This small peninsula connects to dry land by a sandy isthmus, with two small beaches on its sides. In the western area of the promontory, you will find Cala Grande, a large valley 500 m long. In the 60’s, a hippie community, who was living there, renamed it “Valle della Luna”, "moon valley"in English, because of the way its granite lit up in the full moon nights, creating a veritable moonscape. From its shores, you will be able to appreciate the view of southern Corsica. Today, thanks to its crystal clear water and its wild scenery, Capo Testa is considered one of the most beautiful and admired places of Gallura region.

Relitto Beach, Gallura: what to see in Sardinia

On Caprera island, you will discover Spiaggia del Relitto beach. This is one of the most beautiful and well-known beaches of La Maddalena archipelago. Besides the thin white sand, what distinguishes this amazing cove is the presence on its shore of an ancient transport ship skeleton, that ran ashore after having caught fire. Don’t miss the chance to experience a unique swim in crystal clear water very close to those ancient remains!

Gallura, Sardinia: Valle della Luca, best places to see

Piana dei Grandi Sassi is a valley in the territory of Aggius. It is also known as Valle della Luna, not to be confused with the one of the same name located in Capo Testa. Some enormous spectacular granites arise from this huge tableland. It is not difficult to understand why it has always been a desired destination for hikers and photographers. Visitors usually try to detect human or animal shapes craved by the elements in the rocks of the valley during thousands years. Piana dei Grandi Sassi completely represents the wild and unspoiled beauty of Gallura' hinterland.

Pittulongu Caribbean beach: what to see in Gallura

Pittulongu seaside is just a few kilometres away from the town of Olbia. It is the most popular beach among the people of the area, thanks to its pure white thin sand and the big variety of shells spread along the foreshore. Probably because of the sand colour, the sea turquoise tint and its size, it is the most Caribbean-esque beach of the area. In the first hours of daylight, when there are very few bathers, you will enjoy the stunning view of Tavolara island, tinged with red and orange, standing out on the horizon.

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Capo Coda Cavallo amazing beaches: things to see in Gallura

Capo Coda Cavallo is a granite promontory that stands southerly Olbia bay, in the territory of San Teodoro. It houses some of the most beautiful beaches of north Sardinia, such as Cala Brandinchi, Cala Coda Cavallo, Salina Bamba and Baia Salinedda. This small peninsula is one of the most appreciated by snorkelling, diving and photography lovers.

Luras' thousand-year old olive trees: Gallura, Sardinia

The famous thousand-year old wild olives of Luras stand out on the amazing scenary of Liscia lake, in the small area named Santu Baltolu di Carana. The oldest tree, s’Ozzastru, is also known as “nature patriarch”. It stands over the valley, with its 12 m perimeter and its 8 m height. Its age has been estimated between 3 and 4 thousand years, which makes it one of the oldest trees of Europe. In 1991 it was declared Natural Monument and it joined the list of the first “20 Italian centuries-old trees”.

What to see in Gallura, Sardinia: Lu Impostu beach

Not far away from San Teodoro village, you will find Lu Impostu, a seashore of white very thin sand with silvery glints. This beach is very suitable for the little ones, thanks to its amazingly clear and clean shallow waters. This shore, more than 1 km long, is rounded by some sand dunes, which are covered with thistles, lilies and junipers. You will reach it very easily. Moreover, it is provided with a big parking area and accessible facilities for disabled people.

Best beaches Gallura, Sardinia: Rena Majori stunning beach

Rena Majori beach lies in the area named Rena Majore, in the territory of Aglientu. Some big granite rocks, that are very typical from Gallura, surround the shore of white extremely thin sand, which is crossed by two streams, Rio Cantaru and Rio Ciuchesa. This is one of the most widely-known beaches of Gallura among snorkelling, diving and game fishing lovers, surely thanks to its crystal clear waters that host a sheer variety of fishes. At the back of the shore, a pine forest, bent and modelled by the strength of the Mistral, offers a shelter in the sultriest days.

What to see in Northern Sardinia: Spargi island, heaven on Hearth

Spargi is the third biggest among the islands of La Maddalena archipelago and, surely, it also is the wildest. This is the reason why nobody lives there. The coastline is extremely steep, with many cliffs overlooking the sea, with only few entrances to amazing small inlets, such as Cala Granara and the well-known Cala Corsara. A thick Mediterranean brush, mostly impossible to overcome, covers the backcountry. Few metres underwater, on the shoal named Secca Corsara, lies a wrecked Roman vessel of the 2nd century B.C. You will reach this veritable slice of heaven only by private boat service, that is available from the harbours of La Maddalena and Costa Smeralda.

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  • Be a bottlenose dolphin researcher

  • Listen to Chorus of Aggius singing "a tasgia"

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