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10 things to see in Sardinia

What to see in Sardinia: best places to visit

Sardinia is a varied and amazing Island and there are thousands of things to see… beaches, villages and views to see at least once in life!
In the following short but representative list of destinations, travelers can have an overview of the must-see places in Sardinia while explaining why they worth a visit and adding some curiosities that only the locals know.

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It consists of seven main islands (La Maddalena, Caprera, Budelli, Santo Stefano, Santa Maria, Spargi, Razzoli) which lie off the north-eastern corner of Sardinia. The archipelago is the ultimate dream for beach lovers: unspoiled caves and gorgeous bays which slop very slowly into a clear and transparent sea.
Among the major islands, Caprera was the final home of Garibaldi during his exile: his residence is now a museum open to the public.

What to see in Sardinia: Orgosolo, the town of murals

The mural tradition of Orgosolo started in 1969 when the first mural was painted by an anarchist group from Milan. Today, in this little place of Sardinia located at 620 meters above sea level in the province of Nuoro, you can admire about 200 murals! The murals embellish the facades of the houses and buildings of Orgosolo around the old town and offer an interesting experience from an artistic, historical and social point of view. The bright colors of the paintings and their political purpose create a strange and interesting contrast. The murals indeed reflect different aspects of Sardinia's political struggles but also deal with international issues.

What to see in Sardinia: The Ogliastra coast and Santa Maria Navarrese

Ogliastra, also called the “the island within the island" for its secular isolation, preserves under the watchful eye of its centennial, the wild beauty of its natural heritage and the mystery of its traditions.
Santa Maria Navarrese is a great starting point for discovering its best bays, caves and beaches as Cala Luna, Cala Mariolu, Cala Goloritze.

What to see in Sardinia: Cagliari, the city of the Sun

Summers in Sardinia ere usually very hot and they are perfect for discovering a different beach every day. This is the reason why Spring is instead the best season to enjoy the most cultural, artistic and folkloristic side of Sardinia.
Cagliari is the first city to wake up with the warmth of the sun and this is the best time for discovering its historic districts and have a coffee sitting outdoor in the central Piazza Yenne.

What to see in Sardinia: Chia and Tuerredda, beach paradises

Chia and Tuerredda certainly deserves a spot on the top ten list of the places to see in Sardinia. Located just west of Cagliari, its natural beauty is breathtaking.  Chia, a coastal hamlet of Domus de Maria, is famous for its really striking white sand dunes and lagoons where every year live and nest a lot of flamingos. Beyond the coastal stretch of Chia, you find Tuerredda, a popular beach and one of the best snorkeling onces of Sardinia.

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What to see in Sardinia: The Islands of Sant’Antioco e San Pietro

Located just a few kilometres away from the southwest coast of Sardinia, it lies the Sulcis Archipelago, an unspoilt and nature-rich haven! It consists of two main islands,  Sant'Antioco and San Pietro and some smaller islets.
Carloforte and Calasetta are the only two lively and small towns of the archipelago which preserves the typical unchanged traits of its Genoan and Tarbarchin origins.

What to see in Sardinia: Masua & Cala Domestica

Located in the south-western mining area of Sulcis-Iglesiente, Masua and Cala Domestica boast a special mention among the most unique beaches of Sardinia. Masua is famous for its ‘Pan di Zucchero’, a cliff 133 meters high created by karstic phenomena with two natural arches accessible by boat. Cala Domestica is set in a wild corner, among white calcareous cliffs and delights the eyes of travelers with a natural tunnel that leads to a sheltered and very intimate cove, in which lies the mouth of a stream.

What to see in Sardinia: San Salvatore, Tharros and San Giovanni di Sinis beach

Located at a short distance from each other, here you are 3 different places which characterized the Cabras Lagoon. In San Salvatore you'll find many house that look like they popped right out of a wild west set and indeed it has been the set  of many Spaghetti Westerns movies. Tharros is not only an archaeological site, but a real open air museum surrounded by the beautiful bays of San Giovanni di Sinis where relax after a cultural tour.

What to see in Sardinia: Bosa, the only river town in Sardinia

Dominated by Malaspina Catsel, Bosa lies in the valley of the Temo river, the only navigable river in Sardinia. The town is famous for its typical pastel-colored houses and handicraft traditions  including coral, textiles, filet embroidery and woven asphodel baskets. The area has also a wealth of attractions for nature lovers and boasts a delicious food and wine tradition.

What to see in Sardinia: Alghero, the Coral Riviera

Alghero is one of those destinations that everyone likes. It is a naturalistic paradise ideal for those who love the excursions, but also for those who look for relax, good food, culture and traditions. Visiting Alghero means deep yourself in an old Catalan burg facing the sea, a long series of beaches and bays as well as cobbled streets and the ramparts of the historic centre.

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