Guide Me Right is an innovative company founded in 2014. How did we start? We grew up in Sardinia and deeply know the two faces of tourism industry. On the one hand, the huge potential and benefits linked to the concept of travel and discovery. On the other hand, the logistical cultural and/or linguistic barriers which too often prevent the development of such a fascinating industry.

At the beginning we were very interested in the development of the Sharing Economy, based on a simple concept: gaining access to a good/service is much more important than owing it.

Guide Me Right offers a new travel experience by enabling and facilitating the interaction between travelers and natives. Our goal is to involve local actors and service providers, by offering them new benefits. We believe that most of all our environment/region will be improved.

Today, after this thrilling experience, we have renewed the Guide Me Right platform and have launched a new product for the tourism accommodations: Edgar Smart Concierge. EDGAR is an App for digital concierge that allows accommodation providers to have a customized app to assist guests before, during and after their stay. Thanks to EDGAR guests discover and book experiences and services available on Guide Me Right, and many more useful information about the destination.

Vision & Values

The Guide Me Right experience reflects the radical changes caused by the increasing use of the web and 2.0 technologies. Traditional tourism services have been replaced by new technologies and there is the need to make available on the web the services provided by local operators.

Everywhere in Italy but not only, there are many professionals and passionate who offer experiences and useful services. But too often it is hard to find them! We are talking about:

  • organizations that offer traditional activities
  • people who live in their own region and cultivate their hobbies day by day and are happy to share knowledge and local lifestyle
  • service providers who work on their own and would be happy to join a network promoting tourism and the discovery of the land.

Guide Me Right and EDGAR support a new model of travel experience, by combining the traditional services and the web and offering everyone and everywhere their services. In this way they meet 2.0 tourists with the travel model you experience when going to visit a friend: only with a local friend you can live an authentic travel experience, in close contact with local reality.