Guide Me Right is an innovative company funded in 2014. How did we started? Simple, almost banal. Being from Sardinia we have always seen the benefits and issues of the tourism industry. On the one hand, the enormous potentiality and profits that may derive from anything closely linked to the concept of travel and discovery. On the other hand, all those linguistics, logistics and cultural barriers that too often limit the development of such a fascinating industry.

When we started working together, we were very interested in the development of the Sharing Economy, a sort of new movement based on a very basic idea: gaining access to something is much more important than owning it.
The concept is very much clear. We can offer everything we own, such as goods, services, or simply our time, to somebody else who is (actually) looking for it and is even willing to pay a fair price for it. But the very peculiar thing is how such this exchange occurs. It is based on the pivotal concept of “sharing”. Therefore, it becomes an economical, cultural and social opportunity for everyone.

Guide Me Right offers a new travel experience by enabling and facilitating interaction between travellers and local people. The goal is to contribute to the development and the renovation of the travel industry by applying the principles of the Sharing Economy. In order to do that, we involve the local people by offering them a new social and economical opportunity. We believe that, at the very end, it is the best way to reach the real objective of Guide Me Right: to promote and improve the environment where we live.

Nowadays, thanks to a lot of enthusiasm and to some Italian and European prices that we won, we are a proper company: passionate people working day by day in order to improve the web and mobile platform of Guide Me Right and to grow a Community of curious and enthusiastic travellers.

Vision & Values

The Guide Me Right experience reflects real life habits that have been transformed by the diffusion of the web and 2.0 technologies. Traditional tourism services need to be renewed so as to combine the physical presence of local operators with the informality, the immediateness and the high accessibility of online services.

Guide Me Right wants to renew the travel experience by integrating online tourist offers with an innovative offline service that actively involves local people. The travel model that inspires Guide Me Right is the one that we experience every time we visit one of our friends. A friend gives us the opportunity to truly get involved with the location by sharing his local knowledge and expertise with us, and by providing us with real time information so as to maximize the time available. But it is impossible to have a friend everywhere. So Guide Me Right is the “friend in common” that matches travellers with local people. By so doing, it gives anybody the opportunity to meet a new “Local Friend” in any destination we want to visit.

We believe that there is a whole heritage of uncovered micro social and cultural experiences out there. There are authentic and truly interesting activities that very often are not available to the most. We think about all those local organizations that promote day by day some peculiar and characteristic local tradition or activity. We refer as well to all those passionate local people that cultivate their hobbies and passions by actively living their own region and who would be happy to share their knowledge and local lifestyle.

The ultimate goal of Guide Me Right is to aggregate all these activities and to make them available online so as to enable anybody, at anytime and everywhere, to enjoy new location, activities and environment inaccessible without a Local Friend.