Who are Local Friends?


Who is a Local Friend?

There is not only one way of defining Who a Local Friend is. Actually, we provide you 3 different answers to this crucial question.
The first one is the main idea behind Guide Me Right, a simple concept that everyone surely experienced at first hand.
The second one answers the question about Who a Local Friend is. This vision comes from the new trend of experiential travelling.
Finally, the third one answers the question about How much can a Local Friend earn, defining Local Friends from a sharing economy point of view.

     1. Who is a Local Friend? Discovering places with locals is different

A Local Friend is someone showing one’s city to a visiting friend: the old town beauties, the not-to- be-missed spots, the best beaches and parks. Local Friends bring us to best restaurants or they cook for us a typical dinner by following grannie’s recipes. Local Friends are proud to display the most characteristic sides of the city where they grew up, where they are studying or where they moved to for working reasons.
Thanks to Guide Me Right, travellers have a potential Local Friend everywhere throughout Italy, from north to south, from the biggest cities to the small and less known hamlets.
Everyone who is willing to share one’s local knowledge and lifestyle with travellers, acting as they usually do with a visiting friend, can become a Local Friend.

     2. Who are Local Friends? In experiential travelling, people make the difference

A Local Friend is an alternative tourist guide who accompanies and offers original tours, excursions and activities that are off the beaten track. With Local Friends, travellers have the chance to discover a place and its peculiarities, but also to live and experience it viscerally by getting in touch with the local community. In fact, only locals can provide an experiential travel (also known as immersion travel).
People want to live a better travel experience, on a deeper emotional and more personal level. This is because this kind of experience brings many additional values for both who asks for the service and who provides it.

     3. Who is a Local Friend? A new opportunity in the sharing economy era

Local Friends are people sharing their local knowledge and free time with a new type of travellers that wants to see and experience the most authentic side of a destination. However, how can Guests and Local Friends get in touch with each other? Nowadays, this is possible thanks to the rise of the sharing economy and to marketplaces and communities built on the sharing of resources.
The sharing economy is a new and alternative socio-economic system, with new earning opportunities for everyone who want to share ‘their free time and lifestyle’. Please note: Local Friends earn by sharing their free time, not their expertise!