How to become a Local Friend


Discover how to become a Local Friend

Becoming a Local Friend is easy and free, you only have to follow these steps:


  • Open Guide Me Right website, click on Become a Local Friend at the top right of your screen and sign up to the platform;
  • Wait for the e-mail from Guide Me Right helpdesk;
  • Complete you profile by the Settings page;
  • Wait for news from our staff. Once you complete and verify your profile, then we contact you;
  • Wait for the notifying e-mail of publication of your profile;
  • Share your local experiences with your guests and start earning!

What are the requirements you have to satisfy to become a Local Friend?

In order to become a Local Friend you only have to:


  • Show that you share the values and the mood of the project;
  • Propose thrilling funny activities to Guests, which are in line with principles and values of Guide Me Right;
  • Take care of relationship with Guests, see to it that always answer the requests;
  • Verify your profile by loading a copy of your personal ID in the dedicated;
  • Activate a PayPal account where you want your Local Friend earnings to be transferred to.