All you need to know to better manage your first contact on Guide Me Right


Our guidelines to manage your first contact on Guide Me Right

If you set the option to be booked directly, then simply you will receive an email and a text message when you get a reservation. Otherwise, if you set the reservations only “on request", usually before sending a booking request, the guests get in touch with the Local Friends to discuss the availability through the Meeting Page on Guide Me Right. At this stage, if there is not availability on a certain date/time, you could propose some alternatives to facilitate the process. Keeping up to date the calendar of availability is the best way to simplify the booking process.

Here you have some useful informations! We hope it could help in order to make Guests booking your activities:

  • Usually, before booking an activity, Guests contact Local Friend to agree upon availability throughout Guide Me Right Meeting Page. It is important in this stage to propose alternative days or times if you are not available at certain time, so to facilitate the process.
  • Once that Local Friend and Guest agree to what decided, the Guest shall add the activity to the cart and proceed with the booking request (which corresponds to a simple payment authorisation. The  Local Friend shall confirm the availability within 72 hours.
  • If the booking is confirmed, the payment is processed and hold by Guide Me Right until the experience ends. Otherwise, the payment authorization is simply undone.
  • The Guest can choose among two different payment means: Paypal and credit card (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) or through PayPal option "Pay with credit card". The latter does not require a Paypal account but allows to safely pay by credit card throughout Paypal platform. It is also possible to pay by credit card without using Stripe platform.

Our Meeting Page: What is it and How does it work?

All interactions between Guest and Local Friend happen in our Meeting Page. It is automatically updated every time that a Guest contacts a Local Friend. There you can:

  • See and arrange the meeting point and the Experience starting time
  • Chat together in order to solve possible doubts or problems about the Experience features
  • Define each single Activity that made up the Experience and put them into the cart
  • Control the Experience details
  • Help the Guest to book the experience on Guide Me Right
  • Make a customised proposal to the Guest

What should I do once the experience ends?

At the end of the Experience we invite you both Guest and Local Friend to release a review on each other.  

Your evaluation is really important, since it:

  • Results in getting or loosing GMR Points, which are useful for the Gamification system of our platform that influences your recommend time rate;
  • Allows you to be validated by other members of the Community, so then to improve your reputation.