Do you offer tourist services and want to join Guide Me Right?


Join Guide Me Right and increase your sales

Guide Me Right gets into accommodation facilities and offers opportunities of profit for providers of tourist services.

If you offer products or services to tourists now you can increase the number of your potential customers and easily manage reservations thanks to Edgar. The new smart concierge created by Guide Me Right to give the opportunity to the accommodation facilities to offer a digital stay.

Joining Edgar as services provider, your service will be shown on the app map so that all customers of the affiliated facilities in your area can find out your offer and book your services in an easy and direct way.

The facilities will suggest you as "recommended services" and the app will automatically adjust the agreements that may already exist between the facility and the service provider, automating the purchasing process and keeping the existing commissions.

Become Local Provider on Guide Me Right

Whether you are a rental car service, an NCC, a babysitter, a dog sitter or other, this is the service for you!

Increase the number of your potential customers and find them before their arrival in the destination thanks to Edgar. Receive booking requests directly on email and manage directly and digitally the reservation requests.

Thanks to Edgar in fact, the facility owner will be able to propose your services to his clients.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now as Edgar service provider for free!


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