Edgar Smart Concierge and Guide Me Right: 3 benefits of integration


The 2018 good news is called Edgar Smart Concierge. And it gives 3 key benefits to Local Friends and Local Providers

Edgar Smart Concierge is the biggest news about Guide Me Right from 2014 to now. Edgar is the new digital concierge mobile app for hotels, bed & breakfasts, and holiday homes. The integration between the Italian tour and activity marketplace and our app for accommodation facilities means that Guide Me Right's travel experiences will be available to buy to anyone who uses Edgar Smart Concierge.

The 3 benefits for Local Friends and Local Providers

1. A new mobile sales channel

Edgar Smart Concierge is the smartphone app that small and big accommodations give to their clients. Their guests download the app on the phone. In the "Things to Do" section they find all the travel experiences offered on Guide Me Right. Edgar Smart Concierge is the new sales channel for the proposals of all our Local Friends and Local Providers. The most precious feature is that it is a mobile channel. In fact, the latest market researches confirm that most tourists look for activities to do at their destination directly on phone, rather than on desktop devices.

2. A wider, more profiled and interested audience of customers

The integration with Edgar Smart Concierge enlarges the client audience for your proposals. Thanks to Edgar, the Guide Me Right experiences are visible to a wider public, perfectly targeted. Accommodations guests will be your new potential clients. We talk about tourists and business travellers, of all ages, foreigners and Italians, looking for tours and activities to do at their destination or services for their travel and holidays. Every accommodation facility can promote and recommend services and activities, giving them further visibility.

Edgar automatically manages existing agreements with the accommodation, automates the purchase process, takes into consideration any fee between the facility and the Local Friend/Local Provider.

Local Friend and Local Provider

What you can do as Local Provider

The Guide Me Right Local Providers are suppliers of tourism services. A Local Provider can be a NCC, a car, motorbike, bicycle renter, taxi company as well as a dog sitter, baby sitter, luggage storage and much more.

If you register on Guide Me Right, your services will be visible to guests of the accommodation facilities who can also decide to advise them to their customers. To increase your sales and the chances of being advertised by the hospitality businesses in your area, carefully fill out your profile with accurate information, curious and interesting details, quality images, yours or not protected by copyright. 

What you can do as Local Friend

Tours and travel activities will be one of the tourist market trends also in 2018. Have you noticed that Airbnb and Booking.com also sell or suggest travel experiences? In this way they satisfy the modern digital travellers' desire to discover destinations outside traditional routes and in the company of local people.

Local Friends can do a lot to satisfy the new way of traveling for tourists 2.0. Whether as a certified Local Friend (tour guide, tour leader, etc.) or as a local, organize your experience on Guide Me Right so that it is unique, with a local flavor, exciting. Pay special attention to the social, cultural, food and wine, sporting aspects, etc.

Discover more about Edgar Smart Concierge

Edgar Smart Concierge is a digital concierge for big and small accommodation facilities. Basically, it is a mobile app 100% customizable by the facility, ideal for a better management of the customers, business and local partners. Guide Me Right is the local beating heart of this app. Hotel guests use Edgar Smart Concierge to have all needed information about the accommodation that hosts them, communicate with the host, buy internal and external services, move during their stay thanks to the integrated digital map showing points of interest, Guide Me Right tours and experiences. See how Edgar Smart Concierge works.


The integration with Edgar Smart Concierge is the biggest Guide Me Right news since 2014. Thanks to Edgar, Guide Me Right experiences and services will reach a wider and more profiled audience, through a powerful direct mobile sales channel. In addition, it is online the new version of Guide Me Right website for a few days ago. We have not only renewed the graphics. We have simplified the process of the internal searching, contacting, and buying experiences. Now you can specify in detail the days and times in which you are available and enable the immediate booking to maximize sales. Furthermore, we have selected the available proposals so as to always guarantee only quality experiences to all future Guests and clients of the accommodation facilities.