Guidelines to fill in the new settings


How can I complete or improve my profile?

If you want to become a Local Friend or if you already are one of them and want to continue to be, then you will need to complete your profile. The new settings is in fact much more complete and allow Local Friends to describe better their offer and to give certain availability, plus the possibility to receive direct requests!

To become or continue to be a Guide Me Right Local Friend you only have to complete before the Profile tab and then the Add Activity tab. You have to create at least one authentic experience following the guidelines that you can find in the Settings Intro and in the various tabs that compose it.

Once you have completed these two tabs you can send us your proposal; the team will analyse your profile and offer and, within 72 hours, will give you positive or negative notice. You can always check your proposal status here.

Once your profile will be published, a Guest can contact you and you can receive bookings, direct or not, depending on your preference.

You can manage your reservations in section My Requests

In the OTHER section, you can:

  • change your login credentials
  • monitor Credits & Points earned
  • find out how to help GMR to promote itself
  • upload / download invoices and receipts
  • contact our team

If you have any doubts about how Guide Me Right works, please visit the Page How it Works.