What Guide Me Right Points are, how you can earn and use them

The GMR Points are obtained or lost depending on the reviews received at the end of Experiences booked on Guide Me Right. You can use them to level up and have step by step the next badge. You can earn GMR Points also by completing your profile.

Having a good reputation is the first step to earn GMR Points. To built that, you should follow the Vademecum and therefore behave like a good Local Friend, offering authentic experiences, and a good guest, taking part in the experiences with openness and curiosity. Attention, the negative reviews make you lose GMR Points, and so the ascent to your next badge will be slower.

Depending on the reviews received for each experience booked on Guide Me Right, the portal will assign the user:

  • A fixed amount of GMR Points for each experience;
  • A variable amount of GMR Points according to the duration of the experience (up to a maximum of 5 hours)
GMR Points earned depending on reviews

How many points do I need to level up?

Here are the different Badges and Points of Guide Me Right you need to level up:

  • Novice

  • Junior: 300 points

  • Expert: 600 points

  • Senior: 1000 points

  • Master: 1500 points

  • Grand Master: 2000 points

All Local Friends will start from the same level / badge with a difference:

  • local friend without a card to attest a professional experience will have the Badge of Novice Local Friend
  • local friend with professional experiences with tourist assistance will have the badge of Expert Local Friend



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