The Local Friend "duties"


What we expect from our Local Friends


First of all, we expect they become members of our Community, starting this adventure with an enthusiastic, open and curious mood


Becoming a Local Friend you enter a Community made of real people, who love the authenticity of things and the pleasure of discovery. Share your free time and your local knowledge with your Guests, so they could really get in touch with the place where you live.

Here you have the Local Friend duties

Here you have what a LF is required to do:

  • Complete your Profile and keep it up to date (check how to create a complete profile)

  • Answer the requests of Guests on Guide Me Right

  • Confirm or cancel bookings within the next 24 hours after the booking request

  • Share your friends, knowledge and local experience with your Guests

  • Do your best in order to satisfy the needs of your Guests as for what established through Guide Me Right

  • Evaluate your Guests at the end of the experience

In few words, just behave as you do with a friend.

Your Guests are not friends yet, but they could become soon!

Do Local Friends have to issue invoices/receipts to Guests?

You have to declare what you earn through Guide Me Right, but it is not necessary to be registered with a VAT number to become a Local Friend.

Guide Me Right issue invoices to LF only for the matching IT service. Depending on your tax regime, you have to issue a receipt for occasional provision of services or an invoice (if you are registered with a VAT number) to a Guest.

If you are an amateur Local Friend, what you earn from Guide Me Right is classified as Occasional Provision beyond the cumulative limit of 5,000 €. It’s up to you to declare and to verify that you are in the yearly limit.

The amount you write in the receipt is the one paid by the Guest. Then, Guide Me Right issues an invoice for the matching IT service. Doing so, you have incomes (receipt) and outcomes (GMR invoice) and you register the amount you actually earn.