Changes incoming on Guide Me Right


Guide Me Right gets into accommodation facilities

Guide Me Right has never stopped and is not satisfied.

Big changes are coming soon! Indeed Guide Me Right will ensures its Local Friends a much wider number of potential customers getting into the accommodation facilities!

But that's not all! To guarantee authentic and quality experiences for our guests and a purchase process easier and more immediate, some big news are also coming on the platform and, in particular, in the Local Friend settings. Indeed, we have created a new form to insert activities. Local Friends will be able to present their activities better by providing more information. In addition, the Local Friends will have a dynamic calendar that will allow them to report the availability of every single experience. Also they will be able to set the DIRECT RESERVATION that in a single click will allow guests to book their activities in their available days. An important change that will facilitate the purchase process for the guest and increase sales of those Local Friends who decide to take advantage of this new feature.

Benefits for Local Friends

The Guide Me Right Community will take several advantages thanks to the new features.

In particular, the Local Friends will have:

- A wider number of potential customers

- The opportunity to describe better their experiences

- The direct sale option

- A detailed timetable of their availability


New Guide Me Right offer

During this period Guide Me Right will select and revisit the offer currently available on the site to raise the quality of the activities. The new keywords are: authenticity, quality, exclusivity, originality and guaranteed availability.

Indeed we will ask all Local Friends to complete the new form to insert activities adding the new required information and reviewing their experiences following the new guidelines and categories.

A new Guide Me Right more and more popular and safe is coming soon!