Why should I become a Guide Me Right Local Friend?


How Guide Me Right works

Guide Me Right’s idea is to enable all people to actively promote their territory and, doing so, to earn money just sharing their free time and their knowledge with other members of the Community. We want to integrate the existing tourist offer with a different one.

Guide Me Right is one of the platform of the Sharing Economy, like AirBnB or BlaBlaCar. We offer a new kind of service throughout our Local Friends. That is the typical experience of visiting a friend. After having tested it in Sardinia, we are now operating all around Italy. We do not offer a job contract, but a possibility of earning through the platform. Local Friends shall create their own List of activities they want to live with Guests. 


To make your ideas clear, watch this video "How Guide Me Right works".

Local Friends offer activities that can not be guided tours, but local experiences they can live together with Guests. In fact, Guests, sharing hobbies and interests with LF, should experience the real local life, its culture and lifestyle. Local Friends can decide at what price they want to sell their activities.


Why should I become a Local Friend? Because you will...


  • Actively promote your territory.
  • Earn some extra money.
  • Meet new people and new cultures.
  • Manage your offer and your availability through the platform.
  • Rely on Guide Me Right for a safe booking and payment management.
  • Become member of a Community made of enthusiastic curious resourceful people!

Becoming a Local Friend is just right for you, if...

  • You are a traveller yourself and you share our vision of travelling.
  • You think that a travelling experience is different when you know people of the place you are visiting.
  • You enjoy meeting new people and new cultures.
  • You are looking for new opportunities to earn money, possibly doing something you like.
  • You often complain about the fact that your territory is not enough promoted and you are willing to change things.

If you have ever thought about these points, Guide Me Right gives you the opportunity to become member of an international community of Guests and Local Friends, who wish to contribute to develop and spread a new kind of local assistance to travellers that could encounter their new needs.