How much a Local Friend earns: badge, rates and payments


What does Local Friend earning derive from?


When we are asked how much a Local Friend earns, we usually answer “it depends on many factors”.

It depends on the activity one decides to propose. For example, it is not easy to sell generic activities, since they do not really appeal and guests could do it on their own.

If a Local Friend creates a unique offer, giving access to places normally closed off to people, maybe offering an unusual logistic solution, or featuring it as an exclusive unique experience that guests could not live on their own, it is much easier to sell it.



Badge & Rates

All Local Friends start from the same level or badge, with only one difference:

  • Who is not entitled with a professional license starts with Novice Local Friend Badge.
  • On the other hand, who is an already experienced pro in tourist assistance starts with an Expert Local Friend Badge.

By the way, all Local Friends shall adapt to the kind of Local Experience that Guide Me Right wants to propose.


How can I get to a higher level?

Firstly, in order to earn GMR Points, you shall increase your Local Friend reputation by offering positive Experiences to Guests. Be careful! Badly evaluated Experiences make you loose GMR Points and, therefore, slow down your climb to the higher level.

Activity price, Local Friend earning and payment


How can I determine the activity price?

Local Friends can decide their activities price. Guide Me Right adds its IT Matching service fee, that is the 20% of the activity price. So, Guests pay the amount established by the LF + 20% that is Guide Me Right Fee.

You can enter a price for your activity, per person or as total amount, in the activity form.

If the activity entails any other extra cost that Guests shall pay offline, you shall enter them in the excluded costs entry, so to inform Guests in advance.  

How, when and who will I be paid by?

PayPal is the only way to receive payments. You can easily create a PayPal account free of charge. It can be linked to your current account, prepaid card or credit card. This information is not necessary to make your profile public, but it is fundamental in order to be paid.

The payment will be sent within one week from the experience realisation to the PayPal account of the Local Friend. The amount will be the price of the experience less Guide Me Right fee.