Are you looking for an alternative present? Get inspired by GMR Gift Card!


How can I use my Guide Me Right Gift Card?

With Guide Me Right Gift Card, you can choose among more than 1500 local experiences all around Italy.

  • The Gift Card allows you to book an experience with a Local Friend in any Italian city
  • In order to get your Credit loaded on your account, you only have to enter the coupon code here

  • Once you choose your local experience, money on your Gift Card credit will automatically be deducted by the experience price

  • If the amount on your Gift Card is lower than the experience price, you will be asked to integrate the payment

  • If the amount on your Gift Card is higher than the experience price, the money left will be available for your next booking!

  • You can use the Gift Card to book an experience together with your friends.


How can I present a Gift Card?

Do you want to give a gift Card as a present? Just follow these simple steps!

First of all, go to the GIFT CARD section. Here, you have to specify your name so as to let the recipient know about who is giving him the most “local” gift ever! Please, do not forget to enter the recipient’s name and email address. You can also write a private message and customize the Gift Card by choosing its colour and amount!

Now you can proceed to the checkout page. Here, you can integrate your gift with GMR Experience Box, which contains a brief explanation about how our service works and a coloured pair of GMR sunglasses!

Then, we send the coupon code together with your private message by email to the recipient of the Gift Card. S/he just has to sign up to Guide Me Right in order to enter the coupon code in Your Credit and GMR Points Area. Doing so, the Gift Card holder is ready to buy a local experience! The credit is automatically withdrawn when realising the booking on Guide Me Right.


What are you waiting for?

Introduce our Community to your family and friends! Let them live an authentic local experience with a Local Friend somewhere in Italy!