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How to find out the best food & wine tastings in Italy?

From North to South Italy, food and wine are an important part of the local culture and also a few kilometers away from one city to another, you can find different and unique recipes and tastes.

Food and wine tastings are the best way to enjoy the tastes and flavours of a region, learn the story and legends of ancient recipes. Wines, cheeses, breads, honey, jams and marmalades: every Local Friend will offer you only the best that his city offers.

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Food & wine tastings in Sardinia, Tuscany, Sicily, Veneto and Piedmont: eat and drink well is a serious matter in Italy!

Is your mouth watering just thinking about it? Book now a food and wine tasting in Italy!

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Food Lover

FOOD LOVER: Traditional cooking is fine, but with exotic adds is better. Cooking is passion and eating is a source of inspiration for you. Having dinner with you is a unique experience.

Drink Taster

DRINK TASTER: It's easy to say give me a beer. For you, this is not just a matter of having a drink, there is a gastronomic journey around every drink, which reveals the local traditions. Wine, beer or cocktails deserve respect and attention, we leave the rest to the drunkards.