Discover, learn... and have fun!

7 Activities #Games&Hobby

Discover the #Games&Hobby activities

Games, city treasure hunts and activities to discover italy.
Discover, learn... and have fun!

This is the aim of our #games&hobbies section: many activities offered by the Local Friends, to combine the pleasure of discovering with the love for the Game and the Challenge... and to give a sparkling touch to your holiday!

There are many proposals for families, so the kids can play and have fun in the parks and picnic areas proposed by the Local Friends. But no shortage of proposals for adults: original and unusual ideas to spend an afternoon, have fun and bring home happy memories.
The activities are various, for all tastes and skills: from the most relaxing to the most dynamic and exciting ones. From the treasure hunt to a relaxing  afternoon at the park, from the group games to the art workshops.

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You just have to browse them all and let yourself be guided by instinct. The common denominator is fun!

Most popular Activities with channel #Games&Hobby

Recommended for the following lifestyles


CREATIVE: If your interests rely on Art, Design and new ideas, this is the profile you fit with. Your point of view is always original.


NERD: One beer, a few, selected friends, and never-ending discussions on informatics, from commodore 64 to the very last device. If you do like Star Wars and American sit coms, here you find what you are looking for.


CASUAL: Fashion is not of your concern. You make your own style. Everything that happens to you is a new opportunity.

Easy Going

EASY GOING: Take your time, do not stress, people and things will come to you by their own. No plans, but random encounters. The best is yet to come, and you cannot predict the future, baby.