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Would you like to travel to Italy in the pursuit of the best music events and traditions?

Rome, Florence, Milan, Cagliari, Naples, Bologna, Venice: If you want to discover your next destination by enjoying the best music in the city, you have chosen the right activity channel!

Concerts, music festivals and all kind of music in general are always a good excuse for going on travel and visiting a new city!
Actually, in the notes of ancient melodies as well as in the present artistic excitement, you can discover one of the most interesting face of a place as well understand the lifestyles and preferences of locals.

Italy is worldly famous for classic music, opera and its big theatres, but it doesn’t lag behind about music and the news to listen and discover are several!

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In the channel of music activities you can find out the not-to-missed concerts, music events around Italy and unique local experiences characterized by ancient instruments, folk dances and traditions.

Discovering the music face of Italy presents to your journey a different rhythm!
Alternative rock and heavy music concerts in the best clubs of Milan, live music in front of the sea in Cagliari, dj set nights in Florence, Argentinian music and tango lessons, folk music in the main square of Palermo…
If the music flows in you, make it the protagonist of you next local experiences in Italy!

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Recommended for the following lifestyles


CREATIVE: If your interests rely on Art, Design and new ideas, this is the profile you fit with. Your point of view is always original.


RASTAFARI: When a music genre is not just music but it defines your life.


METALLER: Black&Metal are your favourite look. Tattoos are your second skin. Metal music is the best one.


ROCKER: You are the guy your friend ask you anything about music. High fidelity is your OST. When you go out, you go to a concert. Ok, a pub sometimes is enough, but with the right music.

Night Lover

NIGHT LOVER: Sunset is your dawn. You know where to go each night, and at what time. You look for people that know the right place to be in the night time. You know how to have fun till the sunrise, and afterwards.


RAPPER: Freestyle is what matches you. Beat is your time and Black music your sound track. You are not afraid of improvising.