The best nightlife in Italy: disco-tours, live music, pubs and parties!

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See Italy by night with locals and enjoy the movida!

Italy boasts not only art & culture, cuisine & amazing beaches, but also a varied and fun nightlife!

Which is the best way to enjoy the Italian movida? Having fun with people born and raised in the city!

There are so many wonderful surprises that the Italian nightlife can offer: real disco-city tours, rock and jazz concerts, typical student evenings around the city centre, parties and so on and so forth!
The best nightlife in Milan, Rome, Bologna, Florence: your preferences will be satisfied by the variety of offers and activities suggested by your new Local Friend.

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Get involved with the best nightlife in Italy!
Only the locals are able to guide you in the right places and ensure visitors an unforgettable evening!

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Recommended for the following lifestyles


METALLER: Black&Metal are your favourite look. Tattoos are your second skin. Metal music is the best one.


ROCKER: You are the guy your friend ask you anything about music. High fidelity is your OST. When you go out, you go to a concert. Ok, a pub sometimes is enough, but with the right music.

Night Lover

NIGHT LOVER: Sunset is your dawn. You know where to go each night, and at what time. You look for people that know the right place to be in the night time. You know how to have fun till the sunrise, and afterwards.

Easy Going

EASY GOING: Take your time, do not stress, people and things will come to you by their own. No plans, but random encounters. The best is yet to come, and you cannot predict the future, baby.

Lifestyle Jam

LIFESTYLE JAM: You are a unique mixture of different styles and trends. If there is one person able to enjoy EVERYTHING a place can offer, You are that person.