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Why walk to discover Italy? 3 reasons why to book a trek in Italy!
Walkers and trekkers won't have difficulty finding great places for day-hikes and longer treks in Italy. They are spoilt for choice, with any number of beautiful regions to discover. Here you are our 3 reasons why the best way to discover, live and get under the skin of a destination is by exploring on foot.

1. From strenuous trekking in mountains to walking tours, treks in Italy will introduce you to locations accessible only on foot.
Don’t worry: every effort will be compensated by the unique landscapes that characterized the itineraries and by the spectacular final show that awaits you at the arrival.

2. Because trekking  and hiking trips in Italy are ideal not only for expert treks who venture into the heart of the Dolomites. From north to south of the peninsula  there are countless opportunities for walking and trekking experiences perfect for every kind of travellers: beautiful parks, mountain ranges and nature reserves are criss-crossed with pleasant hiking paths and trails. You just need a bottle of water and a snack and in one/two hours you can reach hidden coves, secluded beaches, rural and wild landscapes, fascinating mining villages, national parks and so on and so forth.

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3. Because our trekking  and hiking trips in Italy boast an additional value:  the enthusiasm and love of our  Local Friends for the territory, local people who were born and grew along these paths and trails!

Trekking in Italy: choose your next travel destination and book an excursion to experience the area.

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Peace & Love

PEACE & LOVE: Your home is always outside, possibly in front of the sea. A lot of colours shape your dress, and a green tea is your favourite aperitif. Peace, Love and Freedom make you day, shape your life.


ECO-FRIENDLY:Recycling is what you do everyday, for you and for the others. You pay attention to the products you eat, and to their envelopments too. No plastic and organic food are on your table.


ATHLETIC: Sport is your battlefield. Mens sana in corpore sano is your motto. Let’s find the local marathon, the best tournament around. Sport addicted.


EXCURSIONIST: Trekking allows you to find new places, new routes and boundaries. Relax is where cities ends. Natural environment makes you feel at home. Open air is your fresh air.

Easy Going

EASY GOING: Take your time, do not stress, people and things will come to you by their own. No plans, but random encounters. The best is yet to come, and you cannot predict the future, baby.


GLOBETROTTER: A real drifter, it does not matter whether you have a destination or not. The trip is always the most important part of the journey for you. If you stay, you save money for travelling again. Every time you leave, you live again.