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The best photo activities to discover the most authentic places of Italy are here, on Guide Me Right fotography channel!

Our Local Friend put at your disposal their photography skills to take you amazing shots in the best Italian urban or natural frames or will show you their favourite places where take the most breathtaking photos of their cities.

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You can call them photography expeditions, active photography experiences, photography workshops… because the matter is come back home with unique travel memories!

Genoa, Turin, Bari, Palermo, Rome, Milan: choose your next Italian destination and the photography experience that you prefer… your photos will speak for yourself!

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Recommended for the following lifestyles


CREATIVE: If your interests rely on Art, Design and new ideas, this is the profile you fit with. Your point of view is always original.


NERD: One beer, a few, selected friends, and never-ending discussions on informatics, from commodore 64 to the very last device. If you do like Star Wars and American sit coms, here you find what you are looking for.


EXCURSIONIST: Trekking allows you to find new places, new routes and boundaries. Relax is where cities ends. Natural environment makes you feel at home. Open air is your fresh air.


CURIOUS: You do not say NO to anything. You rather like to try first, especially if new things and experience. Art exhibition, cinemas and live music shows are always a good start for you.


GLOBETROTTER: A real drifter, it does not matter whether you have a destination or not. The trip is always the most important part of the journey for you. If you stay, you save money for travelling again. Every time you leave, you live again.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Smartphones or Reflex, you do not miss an occasion to stop the moment with one click. You also love to invent Easy-going trips in and out of the city with you camera ‘ON’: your eyes and curiosity must be satisfied. Potential Instagram-addicted, hungry eye and attention to the details.