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Back to the origins!
A real journey through time, discovering the genuine life, as it once was.

When visiting a new place, you surely wish to taste local food and, if you have to buy a gift, you most likely look for something typical. In this section you can get the pass for the "backstage" and... take a step back.

A step back and you will be in the workshops of local craftsmen, to find out how and where the souvenirs that you find in stores are prepared.
A step back and you'll find yourself in the field of a farmer, reminding you that the tomatoes ripen in the summer; teaching you to recognize the herbs and explaining you how to dry them; introducing you the local goods and revealing you their features and secrets.

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Peace & Love

PEACE & LOVE: Your home is always outside, possibly in front of the sea. A lot of colours shape your dress, and a green tea is your favourite aperitif. Peace, Love and Freedom make you day, shape your life.


CASUAL: Fashion is not of your concern. You make your own style. Everything that happens to you is a new opportunity.


ECO-FRIENDLY:Recycling is what you do everyday, for you and for the others. You pay attention to the products you eat, and to their envelopments too. No plastic and organic food are on your table.


EXCURSIONIST: Trekking allows you to find new places, new routes and boundaries. Relax is where cities ends. Natural environment makes you feel at home. Open air is your fresh air.

Rural Lover

RURAL LOVER: Everything you can find outside a city is your realm. From the folk festival to religious procession, your interests rely on outside. And you are not afraid to walk around in order to discover new places and old habits.


CURIOUS: You do not say NO to anything. You rather like to try first, especially if new things and experience. Art exhibition, cinemas and live music shows are always a good start for you.