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Where are located the best panoramic views of Italy?

In Italy you have so many options that it will be difficult to make a choice. From the narrow, cobblestone alleys to the many domed churches, from the Renaissance architecture to the wild nature and coasts, Italy  offers one-of-a-kind panoramic views!

Bologna, Rome, Ferrara, Venice, Turin… Often only locals know where are hidden those places able to leave you breathless. They have strolled high and low in their city in search of the best panoramas to share with you: historic forts, ancient palaces, rooftops, hills and mountains. In Italy  there’s a wealth of places to go to find those unique perspectives.

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The best panoramic views of Italy are also ideal to take photos, the ones that wind up on all of those amazing postcards of Italy.

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ECO-FRIENDLY:Recycling is what you do everyday, for you and for the others. You pay attention to the products you eat, and to their envelopments too. No plastic and organic food are on your table.


EXCURSIONIST: Trekking allows you to find new places, new routes and boundaries. Relax is where cities ends. Natural environment makes you feel at home. Open air is your fresh air.


MOTORCYCLIST:When the road is the place to be, and the turn is a new design to draw. Your partner is your ride, and your buddies have always been on two wheels. It is not you that cannot name what is all about. They will not get it. They drive automobiles.

Rural Lover

RURAL LOVER: Everything you can find outside a city is your realm. From the folk festival to religious procession, your interests rely on outside. And you are not afraid to walk around in order to discover new places and old habits.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Smartphones or Reflex, you do not miss an occasion to stop the moment with one click. You also love to invent Easy-going trips in and out of the city with you camera ‘ON’: your eyes and curiosity must be satisfied. Potential Instagram-addicted, hungry eye and attention to the details.