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Are you a sea-lover? Italy, including Sardinia, Sicily and the minor islands, has a coastline of more than 7.000 kilometres!

Italian coasts are also varied and lapped by 6 different seas: the Adriatic, Ionian, Tyrrhenian, Ligurian seas, the Sea of Sardinia and Strait of Sicily. You will have at your disposal a wide menu of white beaches, coves, pebbles bays, crystal water and thousands of blue nuances…

Italian coasts are often a glorious escape from the art cities and some of the best beaches in mainland Italy are located in the south. Do you know the Argentiera and the bays of Ogliastra in Sardinia? And what about the Salento area in Puglia? Among the best sea resorts in Italy are also Forte dei Marmi and the Archipelago in Tuscany and the fun and tourist Riviera Romagnola.

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So, if you want see the best sea destinations and beaches in Italy, take a look to the beaches tours and activities offered by locals. You can find out places not inserted in the rough guide because hidden and secluded spots often reachable only by the sea.

Enjoy your summer by visiting the best beaches in Italy!

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SURFER: You are happy when the storm is on the way because of the coming waves. You think that work sucks better go surfing. After surfing, you look forfresh beers at the sunset. Take it easy.


MOTORCYCLIST:When the road is the place to be, and the turn is a new design to draw. Your partner is your ride, and your buddies have always been on two wheels. It is not you that cannot name what is all about. They will not get it. They drive automobiles.


GLOBETROTTER: A real drifter, it does not matter whether you have a destination or not. The trip is always the most important part of the journey for you. If you stay, you save money for travelling again. Every time you leave, you live again.


PHOTOGRAPHER: Smartphones or Reflex, you do not miss an occasion to stop the moment with one click. You also love to invent Easy-going trips in and out of the city with you camera ‘ON’: your eyes and curiosity must be satisfied. Potential Instagram-addicted, hungry eye and attention to the details.