Shopping tours, vintage shops and a coffee with Italian stylists!

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What to do in Italy? Being the best fashion, food and 'Made In Italy' destination, the right suggestion ever is SHOPPING!

Artisanal and typical botteghe, street markets, vintage shops... the shopping tours offered by the Local Friend of Guide Me Right are varied and particular.

Any examples of shopping tours and activities?
A tour of the best  and historical bookstores of Milan, a stroll in the new Mercato Trionfale in Rome which houses more than 100 stalls of fresh local products, an unusual shopping tour in the heart of Cagliari and finally, an expert personal shopper at your disposal in Florence!

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If you are also crazy for Italian fashion and do you want to experience it once in a lifetime, you cannot miss the stores where the real bargains are at your fingertips, the chance to meet important Italian fashion designer  and a visit to some curios museums.
You cannot find these things in a tourist guide! Only true fashion addicted locals know where find these places.

Please Note: A shopping tour in Italy is a great way to discover the lifestyle of a city and enjoy is typical everyday atmosphere.

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Recommended for the following lifestyles

Business Man

BUSINESS MAN: You own work shapes your days. You are a first-rate organizer even for your free time. You know how to have fun, because nothing is left to chance. Your smartphone knows it.


CREATIVE: If your interests rely on Art, Design and new ideas, this is the profile you fit with. Your point of view is always original.


HIPSTER: Fashion hair and long beard. Plus form-fitting dresses. If you always look for alternative entertainment and Indie Rock music is on your headphones, you are here at home.

Fashion Addicted

FASHION ADDICTED:You know everything about what is coming in Fashion. People and friends pretend your advices. Shopping is a science, and you are a master of it. Aperitif is fine only if chick. Not for everyone is your motto.

Luxury Life

LUXURY LIFE: You have all you want to. Exclusive is what marks you life. Why you should deprive yourself of anything, especially if unnecessary? Live only once, bear it in mind.