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Would you like to travel to Italy in the pursuit of the best street food?

Rome, Naples, Milan, Bologna: If you want to discover your next destination by savoring the best street local food in the city, you have chosen the right activity channel!

Italy is worldly famous for its delicious food and excellent restaurants, but also in the simplicity of the local street food, you can find some of the most typical 'ingredients' of Italian cuisine: taste, tradition, abundance.

Discovering the Italian street food with a Local Friend boasts also an additional advantage: spending your break time without fail by visiting only the best foodie places, the ones where food meets the traditions and stories of a city.

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The focaccia bread of Genoa, the fish fry mix of Naples, the ‘cicheti’ of Venice, the roman pizza…
Is your mouth's watering just thinking about it?
Browse through the street food activities and discover the most tasty way to enjoy Italy.

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Peace & Love

PEACE & LOVE: Your home is always outside, possibly in front of the sea. A lot of colours shape your dress, and a green tea is your favourite aperitif. Peace, Love and Freedom make you day, shape your life.


ECO-FRIENDLY:Recycling is what you do everyday, for you and for the others. You pay attention to the products you eat, and to their envelopments too. No plastic and organic food are on your table.

Food Lover

FOOD LOVER: Traditional cooking is fine, but with exotic adds is better. Cooking is passion and eating is a source of inspiration for you. Having dinner with you is a unique experience.


MOTORCYCLIST:When the road is the place to be, and the turn is a new design to draw. Your partner is your ride, and your buddies have always been on two wheels. It is not you that cannot name what is all about. They will not get it. They drive automobiles.

Easy Going

EASY GOING: Take your time, do not stress, people and things will come to you by their own. No plans, but random encounters. The best is yet to come, and you cannot predict the future, baby.


CURIOUS: You do not say NO to anything. You rather like to try first, especially if new things and experience. Art exhibition, cinemas and live music shows are always a good start for you.