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Discover the best street markets in Italy with a Local Friend!

If you want to have a taste of authentic Italian life, take a trip to one of Italy's markets!
Each Italian cities has both its covered and street markets  where find clothes, vintage accessories, fresh and local products.

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Recommended for the following lifestyles


CREATIVE: If your interests rely on Art, Design and new ideas, this is the profile you fit with. Your point of view is always original.

Fashion Addicted

FASHION ADDICTED:You know everything about what is coming in Fashion. People and friends pretend your advices. Shopping is a science, and you are a master of it. Aperitif is fine only if chick. Not for everyone is your motto.

Food Lover

FOOD LOVER: Traditional cooking is fine, but with exotic adds is better. Cooking is passion and eating is a source of inspiration for you. Having dinner with you is a unique experience.


INTELLECTUAL: Vernissage and readings math your taste. Aperitif is better if surrounded by books and paintings. Museums and exhibitions are what you first check in a new city, as well as the local jazz club. The elegance of the Hedgehog is one of your feature.


CURIOUS: You do not say NO to anything. You rather like to try first, especially if new things and experience. Art exhibition, cinemas and live music shows are always a good start for you.