The best happy hours in Italy: drinks, food & movida!

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Nowadays the happy hour (aperitivo in Italian language) is something usual everywhere, but how many of you know that this ritual was born in Italy?

If you are planning to taste the best national and international drinks and savour typical food, here you will find the right suggestions and a good local company to enjoy the best happy hours in Italy!

Having a Spritz in the center of Padua or a bellini on the Grand Canal, a negroni in Florence or an Americano drink in Milan? Maybe you prefer a trendy happy hour in the most fashionable clubs in Rome or a typical Sardinia aperitif with sausage, cheese and cannonau wine? In Italy you have so many options that it will be difficult to make a choice!

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Furthemore, labelled as #meet&drink are also a lot of local experiences dedicated to discover the lifestyle of Italian students: academia tours, but also the most fun activities to enjoy your next destination like a student! 

The Local Friends of Guide Me Right are waiting for you... happy hours, music and parties! Have fun and enjoy with them a typical Italian night!

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Night Lover

NIGHT LOVER: Sunset is your dawn. You know where to go each night, and at what time. You look for people that know the right place to be in the night time. You know how to have fun till the sunrise, and afterwards.

Food Lover

FOOD LOVER: Traditional cooking is fine, but with exotic adds is better. Cooking is passion and eating is a source of inspiration for you. Having dinner with you is a unique experience.

Drink Taster

DRINK TASTER: It's easy to say give me a beer. For you, this is not just a matter of having a drink, there is a gastronomic journey around every drink, which reveals the local traditions. Wine, beer or cocktails deserve respect and attention, we leave the rest to the drunkards.