Our community
open-minded and enthusiastic travellers who love sharing and discovering authentic experiences.
These are the values that guide our actions day by day
We believe in the uniqueness of people. In their curiosity, in their enthusiastic way to look at the world in their enthusiastic point of view and because they still get amazed in front of an hidden corner. In their craving for travel to find out the beauty of the differences.
We believe that the social sharing resonates emotions. Our experiences facilitating the interaction between people: we want a meeting point of passions, preferences and enthusiasm. No matter whether on travel or in your own city: wherever you may meet to start something new.
We believe in technology and innovation's power. However, the traditional values, the one of each of us, are at the basis of everything. Respect, kindness, openness, hospitality. We don't want to forget traditions, local flavors, tales and legends that tell the story of a place. There isn't innovation without roots.
In order our Community to keep growing in a safe and upright way we prepared a Vademecum for all the Community members.
Discover the Vademecum of Guide Me Right! All the best from the Guide Me Right Team. We hope to meet you soon!