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Welcome to Sardinia

Ancient traditions and artisan knowledge, wild and unspoiled nature, stunning panoramas and beaches… Sardinia is an island of a thousand faces and along its coastline, from north to south, landscapes differ considerably. However, there is a common feature in this wide range of colors and shapes: it is the history of this ancient land and the proud and welcoming people who live here.

From its coasts to its villages, Sardinia is not only a land of wild landscapes and stunning beaches, but boasts also culture, archeology, museums, mountains and luxuriant valleys.

Welcome to Sardinia, get ready to enjoy a memorable travel experience.

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Sardinia tourist info


Sardinia has 3 airports: one in the south and 3 in the northern of the Island. Cagliari-Elmas Airport is the main, biggest and busiest airport in Sardinia. It is located in the little town of Elmas at only 6 km from the city centre. Recently enlarge and refurbished, it is well connected to several Italian and European destinations so mostly used for both domestic and European flights. The airport of Alghero is located in Fertilia, a small village at about 12 km from the centre. The airport Alghero-Fertilia covers national (Alitalia airline), international and low-cost connections thanks to the British company Ryanair. 
Alghero is located at about 130 km from the Olbia Airport and 240 km from the Cagliari-Elmas Airport.  

How to get around

As Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, you cannot visit it in a day. Renting a car or a scooter is definitely the best ways to visit it and reach both the points of interest of the main cities, the several Sardinian beaches and its emerald sea, one of the cleanest in the Mediterranean. A car is again the best way to reach the 7,000 nuraghi spread in the island, prehistoric villages which show how much Sardinia has been strategically important throughout history, due to its controlling and strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea.

Tourist Information

It is not Sardinia without...

  • The white beaches and emerald sea
  • The Sardinia language 
  • The food and ancient traditions

Not-to-be-missed in Sardinia

  • The historical districts of Cagliari
  • The secluded bays of Ogliastra
  • The Coral Riviera

Museums in Sardinia

  • The Mamoiada masks museum
  • The Coal Mining Museum (Carbonia)
  • Giuseppe Garibaldi Memorial Museum (Caprera)
When travel to Sardinia

Sardinia boasts a mild weather throughout the year thanks to the favorable influence of Mediterranean climate.
Nonetheless, the best time to visit the Island are spring and late summer when the sun is milder and beaches are less crowded then in the high season.

Sardinia typical food

Sardinian recipes are the perfect idyll of the many different cultures that have left their mark on the Island from age to age.
You can taste both fish and meat based dishes, enjoy the savour of the main cheeses, desserts and wines. Please note that each traditional eating habit in Sardinia has is proper name in regional language!

Local curiosities

Something that maybe you didn't know about Sardinia

  • The covered market of San Benedetto in Cagliari is the largest indoor civil market in Italy and one of the largest in Europe (8000 sqm).
  • If in the all Island people speak the Sardinia language, in Alghero is spoken an ancient dialect of Catalan and also its streets are called "carrer" which stands for 'street' in Catalan.
  • Located on the island of Budelli, the Pink Beach, is certainly the most fascinating beach of Sardinia. It is forbidden to bathe and walking on the beach, but just to admire the typical pink color of the sand, it is worth a visit!

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