The Coral Riviera

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Welcome to Alghero

Alghero the Capital of the Coral Riviera, Alghero the Sardinian Barceloneta… Alghero has a lot of nicknames and each one underlines one of its peculiarities: the sea and a fascinating history.

Alghero is one of those destinations that everyone likes. It is a naturalistic paradise ideal for those who love the excursions, but also for those who look for relax, good food, culture and traditions. Visiting Alghero means deep yourself in an old Catalan burg facing the sea, a long series of beaches and bays as well as cobbled streets and the ramparts of the historic centre.

The list of the things not to be missed in Alghero is very rich, from the sea to its fascinating story, from ancient traditions to a delicious food culture.

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Information about the city of Alghero


The airport of Alghero is located in Fertilia, a small village at about 12 km from the centre. The Airport is directly connected to Alghero through a shuttle service (ALFA bus, 1,00€ ticket) or a taxi service (20/25€). The airport Alghero-Fertilia covers national (Alitalia airline), international and low-cost connections thanks to the British company Ryanair.  Alghero is located at about 130 km from the Olbia Airport and 240 km from the Cagliari-Elmas Airport.  

How to get around

Alghero is a small and welcoming town so you can easily visit the historic center and the waterfront on foot or by bike. During the summer, renting a scooter is a good way to reach the best beaches located at about 10-15 km away from Alghero while for a long stay we suggest you the car, ideal to reach the points of interest in the surroundings.

Tourist Information

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Strolling around Alghero

Alghero would not be the same without..
- The Alguer Vella (the old Alghero)
- The beaches
- The ramparts

Not-to-be-missed in Alghero
- Neptune’s grotto
- Porto Conte Park
- Baratz Lake

Museums in Alghero
- The Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
- The Coral Museum
- The Anghelu Ruju Necropolis

When travel to Alghero

Summer is one of the best times to visit Sardinia, but also the most crowded season. The mild climate of May and September are also the ideal time to enjoy the city, but if you are looking for an excuse to visit Alghero off season, take a look to the events of the Holy Week and the big concert usually organize for the New Years.

Tipical food in Alghero

One of the most satisfying aspects of your Alghero stay will be the chance to taste something special based on a rich culinary history, a Mediterranean cuisine with a wealth of strong local traditions. Take note and taste: Aragosta alla catalana (Spiny-lobster ), considered one of the best in the world; Gattuccio di mare all’agliara (black-mouthed with garlic) and Frittelle di melanzane ( Fried aubergines). If you are also a wine lover, order a bottle of Vermentino di Sardinia – a dry, cool white wine locally produced.

About Alghero

Something that maybe you didn't know about Alghero...

- In Alghero is spoken an ancient dialect of Catalan and its streets are called "carrer" which stands for 'street' in Catalan.

- Visiting the Neptun Grotto means easily reach it by sea or, with a bit of determination, walking down the 660 steps of the Escala del Cabirol.

- The Baratz lake is the only natural lake in Sardinia. It has a perimeter of only 12 km, but is characterized by an evocative landscape, surrounded by sand dunes and rich vegetation.

- The quality of the Alghero red coral (Corallium rubrum) is better than every kind of coral collected all over the world.

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