The city of the Leaning Tower

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Welcome to Pisa

Among the most known beauties of Pisa a special mention must be dedicated to Piazza dei Miracoli, a charming wide green area which houses the majesty Cathedral, the Baptistery, the Cemetery, the Sinopia museum and the famous 56-m-high Leaning tower!

The things to see in the city are located not only in the famous Unesco Square, but there are so numerous points of interest  in and around the city:  the Scotto Garden, the National Museum of San Matteo and a rare murals by Keith Haring just to cite a few. Pisa is also a university town that offers to tourists and travelers a wide range of things to do and see, a lot activities to experience the city at 360 degrees throughout the year.

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Information about the city of Pisa


It is easy to reach Pisa from both the the airport ‘Galileo Galilei’of Pisa and the ‘Amerigo Vespucci Firenze-Peretola’. From the airport of Pisa you have to take a dedicated bus to reach the city centre while from the Airport of Florence you firstly take the shuttle to Santa Maria Novella railway station and then a train to Pisa. The Pisa airport covers many national and European drafts with low cost flights.

How to get around

The main interesting places to see in Pisa are located in the old town, at a short distance from each other and you can easily lose yourself in a pleasant stroll through its enchanting streets. During summer and springtime is also suggested a Vespa tour so in a short time and without parking problems, you can enjoy a unique visit of the city.

Tourist Information

Are you looking for typical experiences to enjoy in Pisa? Take a look to the best activities to do in Pisa, unique experiences suggested by the Local Friends of Guide Me Right.

How to get around Pisa?

Pisa would not be the same without..
- Miracles Square
- The Lungarni
- The ancient walls

Not-to-be-missed in Pisa
- Borgo Stretto area
- The Mural of Keith Haring
- Marina di Pisa

Museums in Pisa
- San Matteo National Museum
- The Sinopia museum 
- The Blue Palace

When travel to Pisa

Pisa in an art city so every months is ideal to visit the city. It boasts a charming atmosphere in Christmas time when you can enjoy the several street markets or you can decide to take part in the festivities for San Ranieri, and experience the Regatta and the Luminara which takes place on June 15, 16.

Tipical food in Pisa

Tuscany has always been synonymous with good food and Pisa is not far behind. Among the most traditional dishes we recommend to taste the ‘bordatino alla Pisana’, the ‘pallette’, the ‘cecina’ and pasta with chickpeas, cuttlefish, tripe, pheasant / rabbit / deer or wild boar and the delicious desserts: the ‘brodo di giuggiole’, the chestnut cake and the bischeri cake.

About Pisa

Something that maybe you didn't know about Pisa...

- In Pisa you can admire the Tuttomondo mural of Keith Haring. Painted in 1989, it is one of the rare public works of the American pop artist and one of his last works.

- Locals say it’s lucky when touching on two intertwined lizards that are in the main door of the Duomo. You will check it out quickly because they are quite worn and more polished than the rest of the door.

- The well-known Pisa Tower is not the only Leaning Tower of the city. There are two others leaning towers in the city: the bell tower of San Nicola church and the bell tower of San Michele degli Scalzi church.

- The name ‘Miracle Square’ was given by the Italian great poet and writer, Gabriele D’Annunzio to express the magnificent and the beauty of the monuments of the square, true miracles of Italian work of arts.

Something that maybe you didn't know about Pisa...

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