The Eternal City

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Welcome to Rome

Rome, capital of Italy and the Eternal City par excellence, can speak for itself and does not need inspiring introduction.
Its reputation precedes it all over the world and the reasons why you should visit Rome might never have an end. 

Although, taking a look to its photos or looking for the places to visit as well as things to do in Rome usually suggest something new: a point of view, an unusual place, a secret corner, a curiosity, an old legend.
Obviously, the exceptional tourist offer starts with those places not to be missed in Rome the first time that you decide to visit it and that, in any case, are able to excite you every time you find yourself in front of them.

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Information about the city of Rome


The main airport of Rome is named Leonardo da Vinci, in the town of Fiumicino, where land the large international carriers coming from Italy and overseas. It is located in the southwest of the city and is about 30 km from the center. You can reach it by train from Termini and Tiburtina stations while at night you have to take a special bus line from Tiburtina.
The second and smaller airport of Rome is Pastine Ciampino where the flights of budget airlines (as Ryanair  and Easyjet) usually land. It is located in the south of Rome and is about 17 km from the center. Every day several bus services connects Ciampino with Stazione Termini. 

How to get around

Rome provides an excellent bus and tram services that connect the city centre to the outskirts. If you have to visit just the centre, one of the best and fastest ways to get around in Rome is the metro: only two lines that allow you to visit the main sights of the city. If you take your time and if the weather permits, an additional way to visit Rome is by bike or scooter.

Tourist Information

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How to get around rome

Rome would not be the same without
- St. Peter's Basilica and Square
- The Colosseum
- The Spanish Steps
- The Trevi Fountain

Not-to-be-missed in Rome
- Navona Square
- Trastevere
- The Tourtles Square

Museums in Rome
- Vatican Museums and Cappella Sistina
- Macro Museum
- Maxxi Museum
- Borghese Galley

When travel to Rome

Redundant to say, but Rome is wonderful all year around. The only variable to consider is the kind of experience you would like to enjoy in the Eternal City. Avoid the summer and choose May and October if you want to visit Rome on foot and discover the open-air museum, while, if you prefer a cultural stay among museums and churches, the weather forecast definitely retreats into the background.

Tipical food in Rome

Tasting the typical dishes of Rome should not be missed.
Famous pasta sauces include amatriciana and carbonara (a sauce made with pancetta or guanciale - pig's cheek - cheese and egg). Taste the ‘abbacchio’ (floured lamb chops cooked in oil and vinegar), ‘Carciofi alla romana’ (whole artichokes filled with minced garlic and parsley and cooked in olive oil), ‘Baccalà’ (salted cod) and for dessert ‘Maritozzi alla panna’.

About Rome

Something that maybe you didn't know about Rome...

- If you are strolling in Rome and someone speaks behind your's back “ You look like the Gianicolo lighthouse", do you know what it mean?
It means that your look is a bit 'too quirky and bizarre. You draw the attention as the tricolor lights of the Gianicolo usually switched on for the national holiday.

- In Rome, the water is always free!
There are about 2,000 fountains in Rome, some are very famous while the small ones are called Nasoni after their nose-shaped spigots. 

- In the magnificent setting of the Aventine Hill you can find one of those places that is often described as a "secret corner" of Rome...
It is the dome of St. Peter perfectly contained in the keyhole of a door. This door is located in the Villa del Priorato di Malta (Priory of the Knights of Malta).

Curiosities about Rome

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