The City of the Palio

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Welcome to Siena

Located in the heart of Tuscany and surrounded by the typical sweet hills, Siena is universally known for its historical and artistic heritage and, of course, for the famous Palio, one of the world's most famous traditions.

The old town of Siena is small, but nevertheless is rich in works of art and monuments, palaces and beautiful churches. It is a continuous discovery for visitors wishing to visit its historic center, declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1995, to taste the wines and cuisine and relax in the green hills and the Crete Senesi.

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Information about the city of Siena


Firenze- Peretola Amerigo Vespucci is the closest airport for those who come to Siena by plane. Connections are very easy and very reasonable: you can take a dedicated shuttle service which connects the airport with Santa Maria Novella railway station and then a train or take a direct bus to Siena (about 1:15 h). The airport of Florence covers many European drafts and often with flights low cost while there aren't international connections to Florence.

How to get around

The old town of Siena is a traffic-free area so visitors have to walk and strolling around in order to visit it… but don’t worry, the best way to visit the city is actually on foot. You can find large parking areas in the nearby so it is easy find a park for your car. You can take the public transports to move around the city which also get some travels to Firenze, Arezzo e Grosseto. Nevertheless, in order to reach the surrounding areas of Siena our suggestion is taking the car. Due to its hilly terrain, it is not recommended ride a bike to visit the city during the summer.

Tourist Information

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How visit Siena?

Siena would not be the same without...
- Del Campo square
- The Duomo
- The Medici Fortress

Not-to-be-missed in Siena
- The Palio
- The Siena countryside
- A wine and food tour

Museums in Siena
- The Museum of the Metropolitan Opera of the Cathedral
- Siena’s Pinacoteca
- The Civic Museum

When travel to Siena

The best months to visit Siena are May and June when the countryside is in full bloom. The weather is also favourable in autumn whose colours are equally inspiring. Obviously, July and August are great to take part in the Palio horse race and the International Jazz Festival but though summer gets hot and the temperature varies between 27° and 35° C. Christmas time is magic everywhere but winters in Siena get very cold and the temperature drops to single digits.

Tipical food in Siena

Food and wine are one of the pleasures that a stay in Siena offers: fresh ingredients, simple recipes cooked with care and time for a fabulous result! Among the most typical plates: truffles, beef from the special Chianina breed of cattle (the Fiorentina), garlic pici, crostini and salumi and, as dessert, cantucci, panforte and ricciarelli. Tuscan wine must not be forgotten in order to accompany this excellent food.

About Siena

Something that maybe you didn't know about Siena...

- Siena is divided into ‘terzier’i (ie a third part of the city) and 17 districts. Each ‘contrada’ is named after an animal or symbol and each with its own long history and complicated set of heraldic and semi-mythological associations.

- What is the prize of the Palio of Siena? The horse able to complete 3 laps in a clockwise direction around the square is the ‘Palio’ (from the Latin pallium, a woolen cloak), a standard of painted silk.

- The Mangia Tower of Palazzo Pubblico is the second highest tower in Italy.

Curiosities about Siena

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