The Serenissima, the Dominante, the Queen of the Adriatic

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Welcome to Venice

Venice is a work of art declared unanimously one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Venice and its lagoon are the third most visited places in Italy, after Rome and Milan as well as part of the Unesco World Heritage since 1987.

Once arrived in the city and after having admired its splendor for at least ten minutes, it is necessary to understand what to do in Venice and what are the places not to be missed, hidden among its calli (streets), canals and bridges.

Visiting Venice means running across a melting pot of colors, perfumes, cultures and different artistic periods. An ancient Republic, Venice is as well commonly known as La Serenissima, la Dominante, the Queen of the Adriatic - nicknames that underline its beauty and its glorious past.

When someone speaks about visiting Venice he/she refers mainly to its historical centre, but it is necessary to clarify that the municipality is composed by the insular area (that is the historical centre) and Mestre, on the mainland, connected by the Liberty Bridge. Be prepared then! Among the things to do in Venice, there are a total of 115 small islands, linked by more than 354 public bridges under which flow about 177 canals.

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Information about the city of Venice


The main Airport of Venice, which welcome aboyt 7 milion of passengers every year, is the  Marco Polo International Airport. It is not located in the lagoon but in the small town of Tessera at 13 km away from Venice. Getting from Venice Marco Polo Airport to Venice is easy: you can take a bus, a water bus or bus and then train. If you prefer travel on a budget, take a look to the flights of Treviso Airport. From there you can take a dedicated bus service to reach Piazzale Roma, the bus terminal in Venice (it takes between 35 and 70 minutes).

How to get around

Venice is a city to visit mainly on foot (the perimeter of its historic center is of about 11 km).
Boats are useful and typical as well to move around. They stop at landing stations and offer the possibility to embark and disembark people with disabilities.

Tourist Information

What are the most authentic things to do in Venice? Have a look at the activities suggested by the Local Friends of Guide Me Right.

The best way to enjoy Venice

Venice would not be the same without...
- Saint Mark’s Square
- More than 350 bridges and about 170 canals
- The gondolas
- The carnival

Not-to-be-missed in Venice
- A tour from one Bacaro to the other
- The Rialto Market
- The island of Burano


Museums in Venice
- Doge’s Palace
- Academy Gallery
- The Ca´ d´Oro
- Peggy Guggenheim’s palace

When travel to Venice

It is difficult to say when you should visit Venice because its touristic season lasts almost all year round. There are, in fact, a series  of events with an international appeal during which its streets get extremely crowded: the Carnival in February, the Film Festival in August, the Biennale in September. Venice deserves to be visited as well at Christmas time, with fog and high tide.

Tipical food in Venice

The culinary tradition of the Serenissima is rich and typical dishes include a great variety of fish and meat.
Among the traditional recipes to taste there are pasta and fasioi (pasta and beans) and bigoli, fegato alla veneziana (Venetian style liver), baccala mantecato (creamed cod), le seppie con il nero (cuttlefish with their ink), fried Sardines, Venetian style potatoes and radicchio trevisano. 

About Venice

Something that maybe you didn't know about Venice...

- Venice’s ghetto is the oldest one in the world that could host in the past up to 5000 Hebrews

- The Fenice Theatre has been destroyed by fire and rebuilt for three times

- The famous Bellini long drink was first created in 1948 in Venice

- The historical Harry’s Bar of Venice was the place where Hemingway finished writing  “Across the river and into the trees”

- The narrowest street of Venice is  only 53 cm width!

Curiosities about Venice

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