Event proposal

There are too many events that aim at promoting the local culture and tradition.
At Guide Me Right we are happy to collaborate in order to promote and integrate such events, and even to organize new ones with the help of our Local Friends.
Propose a partnership for an event
We'll contact you to define the details
We create together the webpage of the event
We promote the event and the local experiences
What kind of events are we speaking about?
  • Events related to the local heritage and with a turistic public (such as festivals, meetings, Guide Me Right Meet Up ecc)
  • Events where the experiences offered by the Local Friend could integrate or improve the visitos' experience
  • Events that share the values and the spirit of Guide Me Right
  • Guide Me Right promotional days where we propose free experiences with our Local Friend
For every single event, our Local Friends will offer (free and/or paid) activities that will let travellers live authentic local experiences before, during or even after the event:
  • We define a few promotional activities related to the location
  • We create a web page where to introduce the event, the promotional experiences and the extra-event activities
  • We create and distribute promotional material both online and offline
Do you have any event like this in mind? Do you want to organize a promotional event of your city with Guide Me Right? Fill in the form! We'll contact you as soon as we'll review your proposal.
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