Guide Me Right

Have you ever travelled and not fully enjoyed your holiday? Or maybe been a little bored because you were not aware of interesting things to do, or didn’t have anyone to do them with? If so, you’ve no doubt tried to find solutions online, filtering through the never-ending forest of information available, perhaps arriving at a choice between a small number of destinations and attractions with a good online reputation.

And that's a path that is leading more and more travelers to a homogenised, impersonal and often unsatisfactory experience. In reality, the spread of online travel portals and the resulting information overload faced by travelers, is leading to a standardization of travel experiences. What we are looking for today is something more authentic and personalized.

With this in mind, Guide Me Right (GMR) aims to create a new type of experience, still using global online technology but with a local flavour, in line with the principles of a sharing economy and global accessibility

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Guide Me Right is a virtual community marketplace that allows its Guests to find and book a socio-cultural experience in the company of a Local Friend, a local person willing to share their knowledge and their local way of life, just as they would with a friend.

The experience offered by Local Friend is not limited to tourists, but also provides local people with the opportunity to discover new or previously inaccessible envionments and experiences in the hands of a local expert.

Because Guide Me Right is a Community of the curious, the enthusiastic and the explorers. You too?

The role of Guide Me Right is not simply to put a potential Guest in touch with a suitable Local Friend but to ensure peace of mind of both parties. The advantages of using our portal include:

  • GMR protects both parties financially, transferring to the Local Friend the amount paid by their Guest only once the Experience is over;
  • The Guest can assess the Local Friend, evaluating them positively or negatively, depending on the level of satisfaction, and influencing their climb to the next Badge;
  • The Local Friend can apply an appropriate fee schedule, validated by the GMR Community.

Guide Me Right matches Guests with Local Friends based on their “socail affinity” degree in an easy and immediate way, so that they can share exciting local experiences! Through GMR’s mobile App you can also find nearby Local Friends and activities in real time.

To learn more, visit our dedicated page "How it works”.

To discover our community guidelines click here.

Guide Me Right aims to promote a type of tourism that gives pride of place to local communities promoting their own territories. In addition to ensuring a direct benefit to the local population, this facilitates a localised approach, fostering the protection of the natural, cultural and social heritage ineach destination. Through the Local Friend, the tourist has the possibility to enter into the intimacy of the local customs, not as an outside observer of an often fictitious reality, but as an active participant in local activities.

We also believe that the best travel experiences come alive when you visit a friend, and we want to make this possible for anyone anywhere in the world.

You can find our Privacy Policyhere.

You can find our Terms and Conditions here

All GMR transactions take place in complete security via Paypal.

You can pay directly through your Paypal account, if you have one. Alternatively, you can use the PayPal platform to pay with your personal Credit or Debit Card.

You may choose to pay directly with your Visa or Mastercard credit card on Guide Me Right. In order to offer such service we rely on our partner Stripe.

The answer is yes!

GMR gives you the opportunity to earn some extra money by sharing your free time and your local knowledge with a Guest. To start earning you have to apply to become a Local Friend, be certified by GMR and create a list of activities that will allow you to attract the attention of potential Guests. In addition, you can earn through the Partnership Program and the Affiliate Program. The partnership programallows you to can through involving new Local Friends on www.guidemeright.com. The Affiliate Program allows you to earn through promoting the experiences offered by the Local Friends on Guide Me Right.

Local Friend

To become a Local Friend, you must fill in the form, “BECOME A LOCAL FRIEND”.

At the end of registration form, you will need to confirm the email address provided, verify your identity, complete your profile and outline the activities you offer. Once you have done that you will be contacted by a member of the GMR team before we post your profile on the portal!

DBecoming a Local Friend is completely free. GMR only takes a commission on each completed transaction.

To become a Local Friend you’ll simply need:

  • to share the values and the spirit of Guide Me Right
  • some stimulating and fun activities to propose to the Guest
  • a willingness to nurture your relationships with Guests
  • a PayPal account into which we can credit the amounts you earn as a Local Friend

The GMR team will contact you personally to:

  • verify your identity
  • make sure you understand the spirit of the Experience that GMR’s seeks to promote
  • help you define the individual activities that will comprise your offer
    • Guide Me Right reserves the right to accept or refuse requests to become a Local Friend. Once validated as a Local Friend, your profile will be made public and you can start offering local experiences to potential Guests.

For a profile to be published, it must be comprehensive. Simply complete your profile in the various sections provided: Profile; Lifestyles; List of Activities; Photo; and Availability. You must also complete the verification process by sending a copy of your ID. Finally, to get paid, you will need to have a PayPal account.

If a Local Friend is based in a destination where the GuideMeRight service is not yet active, he or she will have to wait until the launch of the service. This will take place as soon as there is a minimum number of Local Friends activated in the region concerned. So start completing your profile, other Local Friends will soon follow!

The core idea of ​​GMR is that you will attract potential Guests to a common passion that emerges from one or more of the activities you propose. Precisely because of this common passion at the heart of your offer, you will also very likely be the right person to offer Guests a range of other complementary activities, capable of transforming their journeys into a real local experience. Create your personal package, presenting activities related to discovery and exploration from your perspective, as well as activities to enhance more common experiences. It is important also that you share with your potential Guest details of your lifestyle, your knowledge and local contacts, and that you offer social activities (even very brief) in your company and, perhaps, in the company of your friends.

You can develop your offer by going to Edit Profile and selecting the tab "List of Activities". This will allow you to add as many activities as you wish, signaling also when each individual activity can take place, its expected duration, possible additional services and any added costs.

Through Guide Me Right, a Local Friend can offer a variety of activities:

  • Activities aimed at promoting aspects of their home territory and local culture
  • Activities of an exclusively social nature, oriented to the sharing and comparing of cultures
  • Activities involving a shared interest, hobby or sport

The only activities that amateur Local Friends cannot offer are those for which you need a tourist guide badge, such as visits to museums, guided tours, etc. You should therefore avoid using these museums and monuments as a way of promoting an Experience.

Se lo svolgimento dell'esperienza che proponete implica dei costi aggiuntivi (biglietti, costo benzina, costo pasto...) potrete inserirne il valore, anche approssimativo, nel modulo di creazione dell'attività segnalando anche, nell'apposito campo, i servizi aggiunti ai quali tali costi si riferiscono.

Questi costi vengono eventualmente pagati offline durante l'esperienza.

Yes, as long as the accommodation is appropriate to the Experience. However, the accommodation cannot be booked or paid via Guide Me Right.

No. Requests are always subject to confirmation by the Local Friend.

As this is not a full-time professional activity, nobody expects that you will always be available as a Local Friend. However, the clearer and more accurate you are in specifying your availability, the more chance you have of being contacted and the less likely you are to receive requests when you are busy with other activities.

GMR allows you to manage your availability in three ways:

  • By indicating your general weekly availability, providing a non-binding indication of the times of the week that you are usually available
  • By specifying the availability of a specific activity that you offer
  • By allowing you to change your status to "Available" or "Not Available" to let potential Guests know whether you are operating at that particular time

Each Local Friend begins as a “Novice” (unless in possession of a license attesting to a relevant professional background). The Novice rate starts at 5 € per hour for the first guest.

Those who can prove that they already have experience in professional tourism, start at the level of Expert Local Friend (15 € per hour).

Progression to the next level (Junior, Expert, Senior, Masters, Grand Master) is determined by the system of Guest feedback to Guide Me Right. Local Friends gain or lose points based the reviews received from their Guests at the end of each Experience booked through GMR.

No. What GMR does is to recommend an appropriate hourly rate to all those who want to become Local Friends. In fact, an added value of the portal lies in validating, through guest reviews, the hourly fee of each Local Friend.

The rate can also vary according to the services offered.

If the Local Friend applies an hourly rate greater than that recommended by Guide Me Right, the price will be shown in red (signifying that this is above the GMR suggested rate). If the Local Friend charges a rate lower than recommended, the price will appear in green as a discounted rate.

Yes, you must provide a receipt to your Guest.

Unless you hold an IVA/VAT number, you will need to issue a receipt for "Miscellaneous personal services." The law imposes an annual limit on what is considered occasional work. If, as a private individual (Local Friend), you start to earn more than € 5000, your business could be considered professional.

GMR is aware of this issue and wants to be attentive to it. Therefore, on reaching this figure, we will advise you on how to get a professional operating certificate in Italy.

You will receive your payment within a week of the conclusion of the Experience!

Each Local Friend is represented by a different icon, reflecting their classification level as determined by their experience and the feedback we have received on their performance.

There are six levels of Local Friend:

  • Novice Local Friend
  • Junior Local Friend
  • Expert Local Friend
  • Senior Local Friend
  • Master Local Friend
  • Grand Master Local Friend

To improve your seniority level and rach the next Local Friend Badge you need to be validated throughout the Feedback system of Guide Me Right: you have to earn a certain amount of GMR Points! You will earn GMR Points every time that a Guest will share a positive review about an experience with you, or by inviting your friends to join the Guide Me Right Community.

You can earn (or loose) GMR Points by receiving positive (or negative) reviews by your Guests for the experiences that you provided thriugh Guide Me Right!

Depending on the “stars” of the review, Guide Me Right will assign you:

  • A fix amount of GMR Points for the experience itself;
  • A variable amount of GMR Points depending on the duration of the experience (up to a maximum of 5 hours)

In case of a promotional experience or event, the amount of GMR Points changes: Local Friends get up to 25% of usual GMR Points for each booking. Nonetheless, Guests earn GMR Points by booking experiences on Guide Me Right: they get half of the Local Friend's GMR Points. Guests can use the GMR Points in order to get discounts on Guide Me Right or, very soon, on our Partners' offers.

If a potential Guest contacts you because they are interested in the activities you proposed, you will receive an e-mail at the address that you provided to Guide Me Right at registration.

If you downloaded the Guide Me Right app you’ll also receive a push notification. Moreover, we’ll send you an SMS on your personal phone number every time that a Guest gets in touch with you for the first time or that an experience is booked.

Finally, you can access and manage all the chat and transactions directly in Guide Me Right:go to your Meeting Page section.

In the unfortunate event that you receive a negative evaluation that you think is unjustified, we suggest that you seek further explanation from your Guest.

If you are not satisfied by the explanation provided by your Guest, you can request the involvement of GMR by writing an email to contact@guidemeright.com. We ask that you include the following details:

  • Subject of the e-mail: "Unjustified Guest Rating"
  • Your full name and username
  • The code number for the Experience
  • The full name and username of the Guest

GMR will try to reconstruct what happened and, if deemed appropriate, will reduce the GMR points lost due to a negative evaluation. Under no circumstances is GMR able to remove the assessment issued by the Guest. The assessment can only be changed by the Guest him or herself.

If the Guest won’t review you after the experience you’ll get GMR Points either way: you’ll get the same amount of GMR Points as if the Guest would have reviewed you “3 stars”. Don’t worry, your reputation won’t change….you’ll just get GMR Points!

No. Everyone is free to devote as much time to being a Local Friend as they want.


Guests can subscribe to Guide Me Right by selecting “Register” at the top right of the home page.

By filling out your profile, you will be more likely to get in touch with a Local Friend best suited to you. To do this, simply update your contact information, select the Lifestyles that best represent you, and specify the Experiences you are looking for.

Local Friends can also decide whether or not to accept the reservation of a Guest. It is therefore important that your profile is complete. To make it easy, we are not asking you to enter a lot of words, simply to select the icons that best represent you!

On each Local Friend’s profile page, you can see the individual activities they offer. To contact a Local Friend and define and book the Experience, you should access the Meeting page by clicking "Contact". Through the Meeting, you are able to:

  • Define a meeting point and start time for the Experience
  • Chat easily about the details of the Experience, to resolve any doubts or problems;
  • Choose the individual activities that will make up the Experience
  • Specify how many people will take part in the Experience, and how long it will be
  • View changes to the price of the Experience based on the choices made.

To learn more, see “How does it work for the Guest”

Some activities have costs additional to the fee of the Local Friend. Generally, the additional costs refer to experiences involving transport, tickets, wine and food tasting, etc..

These prices are calculated separately by the Local Friend, sometimes approximately since the actual amount may depend on the choices made by the Guest at the time. Additional costs are not paid through the GMR portal but on the spot during your local Experience.

In order to guarantee the Local Friend of your actual willingness to enjoy the experience: in fact, the Local Friend will guarantee his/her availability for the experience when confirming the booking.

Once you have defined the Experience, you can submit a reservation request to the Local Friend. The Guest provides his or her payment details and the payment method will be authorized for a charge, instead of paying without being sure about the availability of the Local Friend.

We only complete the charge if a reservation request is accepted. The whole sum will be charged within 24 hours, only once the Local Friend has confirmed their availability.

The moment you book an Experience with a GMR Local Friend you have to make a payment through Paypal.

Paypal will automatically provide you with a receipt of the full payment, which comprises the fee paid to the Local Friend for the time they spend with you and a small commission to GMR.

At the end of your Experience the Local Friend must give you a receipt for the complete price, in hard copy or by email. The tax receipt issued by the Local Friend will vary according to their tax status.

GMR will always send you a tax receipt for the commission of the IT service offered.

GMR verifies the identity of every certified Local Friend by requesting a copy of their Identity Card and through their Facebook Profile which the Local Friend must connect to their GMR account.

To appear on our portal, a Local Friend must then have an interview (in person or online) with GMR.

Once someone is accepted as a Local Friend, evaluations and reviews from others will help you get a better idea of what this Local Friend has to offer.


Payment is made through the PayPal system and passes through Guide Me Right. GMR will transfer payment, minus a small fee, to the account specified by the Local Friend.

1) The Guest is required to authorize the payment when booking, but this is not processed until confirmation of the Experience by the Local Friend.


2) When the Local Friend confirms their availability for the Experience the Guest\s payment is processed by GMR in the name of the Local Friend.

3) The Experience is considered complete once the Guest and the Local Friend have evaluated each other, or after 14 days in case users do not share the reviews.

4) Once the Experience is completed, Guide Me Right transfers the payment to the Local Friend.

On each transaction, Guide Me Right charges:

  • A fee to the Guest, which varies according to the hourly rate of the Local Friend from a minimum of 5 € + VAT to a maximum of 10 € + VAT
  • A fee to the Local Friend, representing 10% (+ VAT) of price the Experience, excluding additional costs.

GMR wants to connect travelers with local people who can help them during their stay. Rather than introduce lengthy text descriptions to facilitate assessments of compatibility between Guests and Local Friends we have chosen to profile all users based on five styles of life that most represent them. Each user must choose their own Lifestyles and offer a brief personal description. All Lifestyles are illustrated and explained in the relevant section of the site.

If the Guest does not cancel the Experience with at least 72 hours notice and does not turn up at the meeting point, they cannot claim a refund of the price paid for the Experience. This will still be credited to the account of the Local Friend.

If the Local Friend does not cancel the Experience with at least 72 hours notice and does not turn up at the meetong point, the Guest may request a refund of the price paid as provided in the section Policy Refund to Guest.

If an Experience has been booked then:

  • the Guest has already paid. This payment is temporarily held by GMR in the name of the Local Friend;
  • the Local Friend has confirmed their availability for the experience.

Both Guest and the Local Friend may cancel the reservation without penalty with at least 72 hours' notice based on the time that the Experience was due to begin.

Obviously, given that they reflect the opinion of the Guest, the reviews are subjective. In an effort to standardize as much as possible the reviews offered by Guest we have provided a description for each Experience rating level:

  • 1 Star: The Experience was extremely unsatisfactory and inconsistent with what was agreed. In addition, the Local Friend showed no willingess to adjust the Experience to the needs of the moment;
  • 2 Stars: Despite the Local Friend being friendly and helpful, the Experience was unsatisfactory.
  • 3 Stars: The local support offered by Local Friend was helpful. However, the experience has been limited to a series of activities that did not allow us to interact with the local reality.
  • 4 Stars: The experience was really satisfying. The Local Friend allowed us to meet new people and/or experience new situations, allowing us to do activities that we would not have been able to do otherwise.
  • 5 Stars: The experience was unique. The Local Friend was able to meet all our reasonable requests, sharing with us their way of life and their local knowledge. We really had the impression of traveling with a friend.

As you have probably gathered, feedback is very important on GMR.

For this reason, a Local Friend can only be assessed by a Guest who has booked an Experience with them through the GMR website.

At the completion of the Experience, the Guest will receive a request for evaluation. This must be completed within 2 weeks.

If the Guest does not evaluate the Local Friend by the deadline, the Local Friend will earn GMR Points as if the experience was rated 3 stars. However, the rating of 3 stars won’t be considered as a a review and therefore won’t affect the average rating of the Local Friend.

The responsibility in this case is the same as if you invite your friends to dinner and they get sick because you served them mussels that were off: Of course, it is your responsibility but we are sure that you will be careful in what propose to your Guest. We are working to introduce an insurance scheme for Local Friends as soon as possible but this does currently does not exist.

Keep in mind that, as with your friends, you need to be careful not to propose dangerous activities without being covered by the necessary insurance.

At the same time it is the responsibility of the Guest to pay attention to the activities they choose to undertake, and to consider their physical limits.

If you invite someone who you don’t know for a walk in the open air and they don’t tell you they are asthmatic or allergic to something, in the end the responisbility for any related problems is theirs.


Through the Partnership Program you can earn extra by involving new Local Friends in www.guidemeright.com.

To become your Associate Local Friend, associates must enter your Partner Code at registration. Alternatively, you can register an Associate Local through Link Partner.

For the first six months after your Local Friend Associates (minimum 4 new users becoming Local Friend by using your Partner Code) enroll in Guide Me Right, you will earn € 5 for every experience they offer. After the first six months will earn 1 € in perpetuity on every experience booked.

You can also increase your earnings by promoting the experiences of Local Friends to potential new Guests through the . Affiliate Program.

We will credit your commissions quarterly into your Paypal account.

For more information, please read the Partner Collaboration Agreement.


You can earn extra by promoting Local Friend through the Affiliate Program: s For every new Guest you register on the GMR portal using your Affiliate Code you will earn 10% of what they spend on their first purchase.

We will credit your commissions quarterly into your Paypal account. For more information on the Affiliate Program please see here For the terms and conditions of the Affiliate Program , please read the Affiliate Agreement