How it works for Guests

1) Search by “Location” or by “Proximity”:
You can easily look for a new Local Friend by filtering the City you are willing to visit. Otherwise, you have the opportunity to look for nearer Local Friends available by using the mobile App of Guide Me Right.

2) Find a new Local Local Friend:
Guide Me Right facilitates your search by displaying the Local Friends based on the degree of “social affinity”.Therefore, you will immediately be matched to the most suitable local people.

3) Contact the Local Friend:
Get in touch with the suggested Local Friend via the Meeting Page of Guide Me Right. You will have the opportunity to instantly book the Experience or to chat directly with the Local Friend to answer to any potential queries or requests.

4) Compose your own Experience:
Define in detail your own Experience by choosing the single Activities proposed by the Local Friend. Depending on your specific needs and availability, you would also have the opportunity to edit the duration of the Experience and to specify the number of Guests.

5) Book your own Experience:
Depending on what you decided in defining the Experience, you will be offered a price, which you will be able to edit simply by modifying the Experience details. Then, you can give the payment order, which will actually be processed only once the Local Friend confirms the Experience. GMR will retain the entire amount, in the name of, and on behalf of the Local Friend, until the end of the Experience so as to guarantee both parties.

6) Live your local Experience:
Get involved with the visited location with your new Local Friend. The GMR mobile App will give directions to the meeting place. Moreover, it will enable you to interact directly with your Local Friend for free. Safety is guaranteed by the fact that the Local Friend will be localized for the duration.

7) Review your Local Friend:
Once the Experience is over you will be asked, by email or by App notification, to review the Local Friend. By so doing you have the opportunity to reward or to punish the Local Friend depending on the quality of the Experience and on his/her helplfulness. It is essential that you share your opinion with the other members of the GMR Community!

The Guide Me Right Experience

Watch the video to understand how Guide Me Right works.