How it works for Local Friend

Guide Me Right enables you to earn extra money by sharing your local knowledge and lifestyles with other people, as you usually do with a visiting friend

1) Apply to become Local Friend:

Fill in the dedicated form on and you receive a hyperlink by email allowing you to enter your Local Friend Profile Page. In addition, you get a detailed introduction about how Guide Me Right works and what the opportunities it offers are. Discover Why you should become a Local Friend!

2) Complete your profile and create your offer:

Just follow the recommendations you can find in the email that our customer care will send you once you signed up. Find out more here.

3) Create your own “List of Activities”:

Update your profile and create your own offer. You can do that simply by answering the following question: what particular activities do you usually propose to a friend who visits you? For each single Activity you will have to specify the estimated duration, the additional services that you can provide to your Guests, potential additional costs related to the Activity, and other useful information

4) Wait for your profile to be public:

Once you completed your profile, you created at least one activity and you loaded a copy of your personal ID, as explained here, you get a communication pointing out that our team is examining your profile and that we will get in touch with you in few days.

5) Assist the Guest and confirm the booking:

Answer the Guests’ questions via the GMR Meeting Page and help them to design their own personal Experience. Once the Experience has been defined, the Guest books it. You will have to confirm it in order to conclude the transaction.

6) Introduce the Guest to your location:

Use the GMR mobile App to interact for free with your Guests and confirm the beginning of the Experience. Now you just have to share your free time and local knowledge with your Guests. Do it as you would with a friend, this is the best way to eventually let them really live the location.

7) Review your Guest and get the GMR Points:

Once you saw your Guest off, confirm that your Experience is over on GMR App and share your Guest review with the other Guide Me Right members. As soon as your Guest reviews you, you receive a communication about how many GMR points you gained. Within one week from the day of the experience, Guide Me Right realizes the payment on your Paypal Account. The amount will be the price of the experience less Guide Me Right fee. Find out more about how much a Local Friend earns!

What now? Check out your GMR account and get in touch with a new Guest to offer new Experiences, promote your own location and earn more GMR Points. That is the best way to enhance your level on the website and to increase your hourly fee!

The Guide Me Right Experience

Watch the video to understand how Guide Me Right works.